Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Countdown to Greenfield Run 21km

Just a few more days to go for this race and I am UN-PRE-PARED for it ! Over the Holy Week, I did only one run early in the morning for a distance of 10km and time of 1:18 (average pace of 7:30 minutes/ km). I was tired. I was exhausted and I was walking. I just wanted it to end. :(

Still no running since then so this week, it is time for this RUNNING FATBOY to cram for Sunday's big event by

1) Going to Ultra later for Nike Clinic session,
2) Going to Fort Bonifacio this Friday for Nike Clinic session and,
3) Going to gym this Thursday night but haven't figured what I would do yet - bike, run on treadmill, do weights or a combination.

Not only do I need to finish the 21km race this Sunday, but I also have to run an additional 11km distance in preparation for my Sundown Marathon.

Fellow runner and good friend Janine+ was able to get my race kit yesterday at Nike Serendra and put me up for a slot for the FREE shuttle bus to Greenfield. We, along with other racers, will be taking this journey together to Sta. Rosa. How ironic that my first 21km race for this year was spent running on the SKYWAY and for my second 21km race, we will be driving underneath it !!

Shuttle Service is as follows:

3:30am assembly at EDSA Central Parking
4:00am departure from EDSA Central Parking
4:40am ETA at Paseo Greenfield City
10:30am assembly at Paseo Greenfield City
11:00am departure from Paseo Greenfield City
12:15pm ETA at EDSA Central Parking

With the 3:30am assembly time at EDSA Central, this will definitely be the earliest I have ever woken up for a road race! Looking at a wake up time of 2:30am! YIIKKKKES !!!

My goal for this race is simply to try and get a new 21km PR. Hindrances to achieving it are 1) lack of training during Holy Week Vacation (but it might also be a good thing as body recovers) and 2) lack of sleep on race day.

Whether I achieve my goal or not, I know that I will still have a good time running in an unfamiliar territory, buying cheap clothes and checking out the weekend bazaars, coffee and pastry fairs, and spending time with friends there.

This is indeed a GREAT ESCAPE so why don't we all do it together ???

More details can be found at www.finishline.ph


e-rod said...

good luck at greenfield! 21k is one of my favorite distances–long enough to make getting up early worth it, but short enough to be done with it in a couple of hours.

have fun at the race fatboy!

LoganFam said...

Loving your sense of humor and self depreciation :) We'll I think that's the right word and I speak English. You stated you are hoping for a PR @ Greenfields. What time will you need to accomplish that? You're always more than welcome to come along Justin and I and give him a push. We'll see you Sunday. Craig & Justin (Team Logan)

Running Fatboy said...

hi e-rod, thanks! I still need to get used to that distance race but starting to like it as well.

hi Craig & Justin, I'm targeting below 2:15 time if possible. Might have to run with my eyes closes if too sleepy. Haha. Hope to see you guys this Sunday!

Johnny Sy said...

Good luck with your run -- I think I'll skip this 21K and prepare more adequately for my next attempt. Don't want to be one of the last runners again. he! he!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Johnny, my first ever half marathon last year (Borneo Half) was a disaster as well. Only through taking it slower and with proper training did I get my confidence back to try again for another long race. See you soon in other races!

Anonymous said...

Good luck and have fun! Hurry to the finish line so it won't be so hot! As for me, cool weather here we come! Yes! finally, lets pray we finish well..

Running Fatboy said...

hi Carolyn, i'm sure you will do fine. You've been training hard for it! Good luck and take lots of pictures!

Anonymous said...

hey rfb! I think I saw you on the bus going to greenfield, were you with your sisters? I was the guy with yellow jacket! How was your run? Jesy

Running Fatboy said...

hi Jesy, I remembered seeing you too! Those are my friends you saw me with. Hope to talk to you in future races :)