Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why Run? Reason # 5

For the past few days, I couldn't sleep properly due to jet lag.  I ended up sleeping around 2 -3 AM, watching downloads or reading something.

But yesterday I ran again with Alvin in BGC for more than an hour and we covered a distance of 10 kilometers.

And lo and behold, I fell asleep at 10PM!

So that's my Reason # 5 for running - so you can fall asleep quicker and better due to this exercise :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Back from USA

We just got back from vacation trip from Orlando and New York where Per did her first marathon there and I did the Dopey challenge, which was something I never did before as it involves me running three road races in three days!  It was taxing to the body especially since I had to wake up at 3am for three straight days.  That plus being jetlagged wasn't helpful to me.

But Disney IS the best place to run a road race, hands down!  It really is the Happiest place on Earth and Happiest place to do a road race too.

For now, will sleep some more and get used to Manila time.  Definitely will give more updates on this in the coming days....

Praise God for keeping us safe the whole time and for taking care of us there.  There is no other God but He who loves us the Most.  :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why Run? Reason # 4


You just need a road to run on! How's that for flexibility!

You don't even have to drive to exercise (unlike going to the gym, sports clubs, etc.)

Pretty awesome, I know!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Why Run? Reason # 3


Want to run early morning?  Go right ahead!
What about at night time?  Still doable!
What about late at night when the kids are put to bed already?  That's fine as well!
What about during lunch break at work?  No Problem!
What about if I just cannot sleep and figured a good run might be good for me even though it is at 3am?  Go for it!

Gyms have operating hours as do renting a court to play badminton, basketball or tennis.  Sport Clubs have business hours too.  Swimming pools closes at night.

Running can be done anytime!  :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why Run? Reason # 2

On the second day of 2013, I went off and did another 5km around the village.  It was a good start for the year and I felt good after the run.  Just a very relaxing run :)

Anyway, here is


There is no need to pay for gym membership if you wanted to run.  No need to rent out basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, badminton courts if you wanted to run!

You don't have to pay for a yoga instructor, don't have to pay fee for use of swimming pool and you don't need any fancy club membership to run!  No need to pay for boxing/ tae kwon do or other martial arts instructors to run! 

All you need is a road to run on, a pair of running shoes, shorts or pants and shirt, and you are all set!

Name another sport/ exercise that is as cost effective as this!  And if you named biking.... well, you still need a good bike in order to do that activity and that can put a big dent to your wallet as well.

The nearest thing I could think of is rollerblading/ rollerskating (and isn't that like running but with wheels/blade)!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why Run? Reason # 1

Today is January 1st, 2013 so before anything else, I would like to greet all you (3) loyal readers out there, a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Second of all, I ran 5km today and I really, really didn't want to do it!  I wanted to rest, lie in bed, sleep, in short not do anything at all but laze around!!  I didn't want to do it but I HAD to. 

And in that running, I realized that there are days when we don't want to run at all, when we are just too lazy to do it, we whine, we complain, etc., etc., etc., and that's already us runners complaining!  What more for non-runners!  How do we convince them to put on a pair of running shoes, shorts and shirt and just hit the road when we ourselves aren't motivated to do it on our own!

So I thought of this, not just to inspire myself but also to you (3) readers out there.  I would even put a tag for this "why run" located on the right side of my blog.

I don't know how long this would last - it could be 3 or 300 reasons but let's see how far it would take me.  It's also a perfect topic to start the new year right.

So enough with the back story behind this and before any of you fall asleep, here is reason #1 (and it isn't even the most obvious one):


I had a lot of thoughts in my head prior to this run but just didn't know how to organize them properly.  There were mixed thoughts, fleeting ideas, things to do, things needed done, things that can be skipped, etc.  Doing a run would just add to the stress to it, I thought to myself.  What's more, it's the beginning of the year, so I was also thinking about some of my goals for 2013 earlier today.

Well, running brings out clarity!  It helps you think things through when there are no distractions around you.  It is just you and the road and that is the only thing you need to get some ideas organized in your head and maybe some new ideas too (this topic is one of them)!  Who would have thought that doing a very easy and relaxing 38 minute run in your neighborhood could do that for you??

And this is something that running brings to the table but other forms of exercises do not.  I don't think it has the same effects as basketball, tennis, badminton, etc. because you are too focused on the game, on getting points, on defending your side, on winning the match, etc., that you can't get a sense of clarity while playing it.  Same goes with going to the gym and lifting weights as you are too focused on the weights you lifted, the repetitions, the sets, etc.  Then there's yoga, which is calming so that should bring out clarity!  But then you focus on the instructions of the yogi, do proper breathing techniques, make sure your stretches are far enough and correct, and pretty soon, you can't think of anything else but yoga!

Well, if you did an easy jog in your area, you CAN think of other things ASIDE from the thing that you are doing and that is an added benefit to running!

Hope you enjoyed this new topic of mine!