Friday, October 29, 2010

Adidas KOTR 21KM 2010 Edition

This Race was one of the most anticipated (and one of the priciest) road race in the Philippines. The big come on here were the Adidas singlets given out upon registering for this event. In just three short days after the opening of the registration areas, the 21km category was quickly sold out. Adidas responded by releasing an additional 1,200 pieces of 21km race packets in their various stores, which were quickly gobbled up by the running community. Wow!

Unlike last year’s fiasco over claiming of race kits, now it was much easier as it was done at the store you registered in. Unfortunately, the sizes of the singlets quickly ran out and it became a chase for the runner to register for the right singlet size AND preferred race category. After making a few calls, Per and I were able to get what we wanted at the Adidas Gateway Branch. Mission Accomplished!

Now comes the hard part: running the actual race!

Oh how easy it would have been to join the 10km event vs. the 21km event. It was literally a check away but I was drawn by the simple announcement made by Adidas: All 21km finishers shall receive a finisher medal (and none for the 10km, 5km or 3km distance runners). Prices were the same for all categories (at Php 850) so wouldn’t it be more value for money to run the longer distance (as there were more water stations, more fun on the road, and of course, the bonus medal)?

Come race day, little did I know that the water stations were about the same for the 21km runners as that of the 10km runners because from Buendia all the way to Fort Bonifacio, and all the way to the U turn at Lawton Avenue, there were no more water to be found. Zip, Zilch, Zero!

Correction: there weren’t any clean water to be found!

Sure, there were still the filthy water from the big blue containers (peering inside I saw dirt, grass and whatnots), half drank water bottles thrown away by other runners and the water puddles that came from thrown away plastic cups and melted ice. That’s about it! For 7kms! It was a survival for each runner in this race category.

Luckily for some of them, they brought along their own hydration packs. I didn’t as I figured that as big a sponsor as Adidas is, and with the expensive registration fees, there shouldn’t be a problem with regards to this. Boy, was I wrong!

So I would run, walk, and run again. I was looking out for water stations but all I saw were empty areas. I would run, walk, and run again towards the next water station but to no avail. Damn! This happened about 4-5 times.

But I survived it (thank God for that), got my hard earned finisher medal, and the water bottle, two bread buns and hotdog at the finish line. It was one of my hardest half marathons.

My final time was at 2:39, not bad considering I did a lot of walking. It helped that Alvin was there to push me in my last 1.5kms (although I was really really tired by then). The singlet was also good as I didn’t get chaffed by it. Race results came out quickly (on the day itself). But for me, the most important thing was really the hydration and for that, Adidas failed big time in this race!

Hopefully, they improve this aspect for next year’s event and do better quality races (as good as the products they are selling)!

There is a silver lining here: with what I faced in this race, it boosted my confidence level in terms of running another half marathon, so the day after this race, I found myself registering for another half marathon: UNILAB’s 21km! The finisher medal drew me in again! (Shiny shiny object… ooohhh!)

See you there!

Note: Per was in the picture above but in case you didn't see her, here she is again in top running form! Congrats!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There were three different races last weekend, each with different distances: Blue Water Spa’s 10km run, Pink Run’s 15km race, Fort Striders 21km race.

The 10km is too short for me. Actually, on a regular weekend, it was just the right distance but given that I will do Adidas’ King of the Road 21km next week, I need something that will add mileage for it. So I passed up on this race.

The 21km race is just too long although I was really drawn to the fact that there was a finisher medal involved! Per helped me make up my mind by repeating the words “injured”, “recovering”, and “unprepared” over and over again. Her technique kinda worked as found myself going to ROX some days ago to sign up for the Pink Run.

It was for a good cause – fight for breast cancer. And wouldn’t we want to run for something that advocates this cause? The singlet matches the cause – pink and white colored one care of Accel, a good sports shirt brand in the Philippines. Upon inspecting the singlets for sale at SM Department store, I found out that they sell their singlets for the same price as this registration fee (P500) so in effect, it was like a buying a (Limited edition) singlet from them and getting a race out of it. Quite a good deal!

Only drawback here is that it was held in the deadly McKinley Hills! Ouch! But this would be good training for next week’s race.

I wasn’t worried about this race. I didn’t care for PR. I didn’t care if I was last. I just needed to run the distance, to run it correctly, and to watch my breathing, strides, etc. And for that I succeeded. I had a good strong finish. I did very little walking (even up the hills which I rarely do) and there were sufficient hydration stations here (cold water and cold Pocari Sweat). We even crossed paths with the Fort Strider runners and for that one moment, it seemed we occupied the entire (Lawton) road! The 21km runners in that race had to go inside Heritage Park while we merely made a U Turn at the entrance and headed back to Mckinley Hills.

It was a good race for me but upon checking my Garmin, it just showed 12.56km distance! Where did the 2.5km go to? Were we supposed to go inside Heritage Park too??? Grrrr!! I thought of stopping there and then but remembered the Adidas run and so I ran again, completing the 2.5km that the race organizers failed to put in. I met up with Per, who looked fresh from her 5km race, and who was holding a loot bag. I didn’t get any as I guess the supply was limited. Said loot bags had some magazines in there including the June 2010 issue of Men’s Health Philippines, which I didn’t have yet! That was one of the advantages of joining a short distanced race – you get the nice stuffs first!

Per’s distance was more accurate at 4.98km. Aside from the shortcomings (pun not intended) in my race, this was a good run for the two of us and gave me some confidence for my next challenge: Adidas 21km KOTR. See you there!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Klima Run 10km - October 9, 2010

It was either this race on a Saturday or the Run for Pasig River on Sunday. This one had about 400 -500 people vs Run for Pasig River which had an estimate 120k people! Woah!

But we just love our Saturday mornings, hence it was an easy choice for us. We were also afraid on the possibility of insufficient water for Run for Pasig River given the scope of runners for that day. Klima run was just right for our October 9-10 weekend.

Klima was a no frills race but singlet was very wearable (one of few official ones I wore in a race... including Mens Health series, Singapore, Dasma Run, the very famous Adidas King of the Road series, Runfest with personalized name, Kenny Rogers). It's nice that this singlet is now included as part of my official running gear. Plus there were some photos taken from this event (always a plus for me), a very nice route along Fort Bonifacio and lots of water stations made this a fun race.

Less guilt also (but not by much) for me and Per as we spent most of the day and all of the night eating, drinking, eating again and drinking again care of Wine Depot's Annual Food and Drink Expo held at NBC Tent.. a mere 200 meter walk from the finish line of this race!

As this race is a joint venture by Philippines and German offices, it is also a perfect kick-off for this year's Oktoberfest! CHEERS!

This time it's my time with regards to the pictures as a lot were taken at the race... but what's with the crooked cap???!!!


Nice to see Janine back running races again..

And Per has just one photo ... Hehe

Monday, October 4, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

Andy: Now Woody, he's been my pal for as long as I can remember. He's brave, like a cowboy should be. And kind, and smart. But the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you... ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what.

You were my first rubber shoes that was devoted to the love of running. You stuck around when I ran in blistering heat, in strong rains, in early morning, at late nights. You were there when I wore you to the gym. You were in my travels as I use you for comfortable walks. You were in the 10km and 21km races that I joined. You stuck around and didn't complain.

But now, it's time to pass you to another person. It's time for that person to enjoy you as much as I did. It's time for you to bring happiness to another runner. It's better that way than for you to be left behind in the closet.

Thanks for all your help!

My N846 being put in clear plastic bag by Adidas Staffs.

This is in conjuction with Adidas' Refresh Your Gear Promo:


1. Bring in your old athletic shoes to over 146 participating adidas stores nationwide.

2. In exchange of your old athletic shoes, get:

a: Php500 OFF your new purchase worth Php1,500 - P3,499

b. Php1000 OFF your new purchase worth Php3,500 and up

3. 1 pair of old athletic shoes = 1x discount value. Each discount value is applicable for only one item purchased. Bring in as many old athletic pairs to get discounts on as many new shoes.

4. We only accept athletic shoes of any brand (no sandals, high heels, flats, leather

or infant shoe.) Old athletic shoes have to be in decent condition and is still functional.

5. All old athletic shoes will be donated to Hope Worldwide Philippines Incorporated.

6. This promo is not in conjunction with any other promos.

7. Promo Period runs from October 1 - 31, 2010.

And what did I replace with this? Although that Adizero Boston called out to me, I got something entirely different and NOT AT ALL RELATED TO RUNNING.

To Be honest, it's more related to SOCCER and to THE DARK SIDE!

Cue in Imperial March Music!

The force is strong in that one!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Auto Review Run 2010 (Sept 25, 2010)

It was a no frills race but that's fine for Per and me as we (or is it just me???) missed running in a race (even if it is at an easy pace). Hello again Fort Bonifacio!

We both joined the 10km race with the intention of burning some calories. It was on a Saturday, which was an automatic plus for us! More power to Saturday races! Yay! (we joined one more Saturday race for month of October... more on this later).

There were ample water stations along the route but some traffic mismanagement from the marshals. Lots of booths at the finish line but no free stuffs except for a bottle or two of mineral water and some finisher certificates. BOO!


My goals were achieved, which were
1) as mentioned already, to burn calories
2) to go back to basics in terms of proper running form and that kinda worked. No heel cups and not as painful as I expected. Most of all, I had a runner's high! Now, you got to agree that nothing can beat that!

Also, I had a feeling that there weren't any photographers during this race (as it wasn't mentioned in the presscon or in the registrations) so what to do in a situation like this? Bring your own camera of course (though most of the shots were for my wife's benefits. Hehe)!

Below are some of the pictures I took while running with my wife:

Runner leading the 10km racers heading back already

One of the many water stations here

Final Stretch!

Got one picture after race! Yay!