Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There were three different races last weekend, each with different distances: Blue Water Spa’s 10km run, Pink Run’s 15km race, Fort Striders 21km race.

The 10km is too short for me. Actually, on a regular weekend, it was just the right distance but given that I will do Adidas’ King of the Road 21km next week, I need something that will add mileage for it. So I passed up on this race.

The 21km race is just too long although I was really drawn to the fact that there was a finisher medal involved! Per helped me make up my mind by repeating the words “injured”, “recovering”, and “unprepared” over and over again. Her technique kinda worked as found myself going to ROX some days ago to sign up for the Pink Run.

It was for a good cause – fight for breast cancer. And wouldn’t we want to run for something that advocates this cause? The singlet matches the cause – pink and white colored one care of Accel, a good sports shirt brand in the Philippines. Upon inspecting the singlets for sale at SM Department store, I found out that they sell their singlets for the same price as this registration fee (P500) so in effect, it was like a buying a (Limited edition) singlet from them and getting a race out of it. Quite a good deal!

Only drawback here is that it was held in the deadly McKinley Hills! Ouch! But this would be good training for next week’s race.

I wasn’t worried about this race. I didn’t care for PR. I didn’t care if I was last. I just needed to run the distance, to run it correctly, and to watch my breathing, strides, etc. And for that I succeeded. I had a good strong finish. I did very little walking (even up the hills which I rarely do) and there were sufficient hydration stations here (cold water and cold Pocari Sweat). We even crossed paths with the Fort Strider runners and for that one moment, it seemed we occupied the entire (Lawton) road! The 21km runners in that race had to go inside Heritage Park while we merely made a U Turn at the entrance and headed back to Mckinley Hills.

It was a good race for me but upon checking my Garmin, it just showed 12.56km distance! Where did the 2.5km go to? Were we supposed to go inside Heritage Park too??? Grrrr!! I thought of stopping there and then but remembered the Adidas run and so I ran again, completing the 2.5km that the race organizers failed to put in. I met up with Per, who looked fresh from her 5km race, and who was holding a loot bag. I didn’t get any as I guess the supply was limited. Said loot bags had some magazines in there including the June 2010 issue of Men’s Health Philippines, which I didn’t have yet! That was one of the advantages of joining a short distanced race – you get the nice stuffs first!

Per’s distance was more accurate at 4.98km. Aside from the shortcomings (pun not intended) in my race, this was a good run for the two of us and gave me some confidence for my next challenge: Adidas 21km KOTR. See you there!


janine said...

Oh, I wanted to run here too but wasn't able to register na (to celebrate my October Runiversary. hehe). Running for a good cause is always a big motivation. =)

Lydia said...

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Running Fatboy said...

hi janine, I will just see you in the Nike Run. :)

hi Lydia, thanks for visiting. I have submitted my site to the link you sent me. Cheers!