Friday, October 1, 2010

Auto Review Run 2010 (Sept 25, 2010)

It was a no frills race but that's fine for Per and me as we (or is it just me???) missed running in a race (even if it is at an easy pace). Hello again Fort Bonifacio!

We both joined the 10km race with the intention of burning some calories. It was on a Saturday, which was an automatic plus for us! More power to Saturday races! Yay! (we joined one more Saturday race for month of October... more on this later).

There were ample water stations along the route but some traffic mismanagement from the marshals. Lots of booths at the finish line but no free stuffs except for a bottle or two of mineral water and some finisher certificates. BOO!


My goals were achieved, which were
1) as mentioned already, to burn calories
2) to go back to basics in terms of proper running form and that kinda worked. No heel cups and not as painful as I expected. Most of all, I had a runner's high! Now, you got to agree that nothing can beat that!

Also, I had a feeling that there weren't any photographers during this race (as it wasn't mentioned in the presscon or in the registrations) so what to do in a situation like this? Bring your own camera of course (though most of the shots were for my wife's benefits. Hehe)!

Below are some of the pictures I took while running with my wife:

Runner leading the 10km racers heading back already

One of the many water stations here

Final Stretch!

Got one picture after race! Yay!

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