Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Started with a Wall... Men's Health Style

Oops, not this wall.

I meant the 8-foot high wall that is the last thing one had to do in order to cross the finish time for Men's Health Urbanathon Race.

Back in 2007 (was it that long ago?), it was that race that challenged this (not yet) RUNNING (but already) FATBOY to run it. Yes, joining a 10km race for the first time wasn't enough for this dude to wake up at 5:00am in the morning. He had to join one with an obstacle course!

But F$%^ me as I was super paranoid that time. I was semi-regretting it as figured I wasn't fit enough to finish it. Gym instructor back then had me do circuit training to build muscles and endurance and I went to the gym 3-4 time a week just for that.

Wife (back then she was my girlfriend) Per laughed at my paranoia but gave her commitment to support me by waiting for me at the finish line. She too had to wake up early that time (who knew it would continue to this day) but she won't run (didn't even cross her mind...Really!) and just be a spectator.

So onto the race: I had to run through car tires, climb at the back part of pick up trucks, crawl on the muddy ground and let's not forget the 8-foot wall that I had to climb over (TWICE!). And yes, there's the 10km distance to speak of as well. I was dirty, exhausted, sweaty and smelly but DAMN, that was a freakin' good experience.

Post-race I had body aches for the entire week! But I was hooked!!! (Urbanathon races come only once a year...but that led to me joining a lot of road races soon after).

For 2009, we joined it again. Note on the word WE. Yes, Per was eager to try it too. She wasn't a spectator anymore. For our experiences here, copy and paste link below:

As of 2010? Well, I just registered today over lunch at 360 Fitness Club, Strata 100, Ortigas Center.

For P500 fee, it includes the following:

Men's Health shirt
Bib Number
Men's Health August 2010 edition (Marc Nelson cover)

I think there will also be a free breakfast at the finish line.

So will I see you there? Will we run together? Will we get dirty together? Will we climb the wall together?

More information on this year's race, copy and paste on separate tab the link below


journeyingjames said...

i want to join this race too!
btw, i added you on my blog. nice to meet you at the BWDS launch and VFF media launch. see you on the road sir dennis

Anonymous said...


cjyap said...

Hell yeah!!!

Running Fatboy said...

see you there James and Jenny :)