Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Longest Named Race EVER!!!!

Last Friday I went to ROX to look for Endurun race to register for it. Too bad, it wasn't there.

But as that window closes, another window opens.

This time for a race to be held at Mckinley Hills last Sunday. Race had three categories: 5km, 10km and 15km event. It was supposed to start at 5:30am but ended up at 6:00am. Luckily, it wasn't that hot yet when race started.

It was a very intimate race as only a few runners joined it.

My reasons for joining a race are as follows:
1) To burn, burn, BURN (calories and not my skin from the sun)
2) To try a new running style taught to me a few days ago
3) To run without the use of a heel cup (GULP!)
4) To finish strong and happy

So speedwork is off the table. No PRs for me. No racing. It's back to basics as I try to tweak my running form.

The course goes all over McKinley Hills and with that name alone, we know it's going to be a struggle for the hill portions of the race. Good job RFB on joining this race when flat race courses gave you a hard time already (See: Figaro 8km run from my previous blog entry). But what better way to try a running form than on one of the most challenging routes in Metro Manila. (When will I ever learn?????)

I was literally the 3rd to the last person as the race started but ignored that and focused on my running form. I made sure to stop at every water or sports drink station as morning was getting hot.

Route took us in various parts of Mckinley Hills, out to Lawton avenue and headed towards Heritage Park before going back to the Hills for the finish line.

Verdict: it felt great. Initially, there were some pain on my left foot but it disappeared as I kept running. I was able to overtake some runners too but still ended at the bottom % of finishers. But still a finisher! And one with a big smile on his face. Runner's high! So awesome!

Best of all, I didn't limp post-race (which usually happens to me). It was like I didn't run at all. That was a very good experience and one that I am happy for. Nevermind the very slow 7:23 pace I used here.

No photos as my running partner (wife) opted to sleep this one out.

But I'm happy with my Birthday Bib Number. This is the second time it has happened after last year's UP GIG run. So, do I expect this to be an annual thing?

As for the title of this entry, the name of the race is as follows:

HOPE FOR ECONOMIC LIBERTY AND PEACE, RUN FOR HELP, RUN FOR FREE EDUCATION. 13 Freaking words!!!! Can we say O-VER-KILL ?? But whatever floats your boats guys. At least, it's for a good cause or is it for good causes? ;)

Challenge to readers: Know of a race that has 14 or more words that can beat this one?


kathy said...

Hello Mr. RFB, I'll sure drop by your blog when I see a race title that can beat this! :)

Can I add you to my blogroll? Thanks!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Kathy, Yes pls add me to your blogroll. Thanks for visiting

Anonymous said...

nice! bumabalik na ulit sir! good luck! hmm pero ok lang daw bang pilitin yung paa mo?

Running Fatboy said...

hi Jesy, hopefully! haha. I'm just taking it slow so quite careful with it.