Monday, September 6, 2010

Figaro Fun Run 10k (Sept 4, 2010)

Triple Alarm Clocks? Check!
New songs for IPod? Check!
New running cap? Check!
Change of running clothes? Check!
Fully Charged Garmin device? Check!
Me Ready? UNCHECK!

If only these were the only requirements for a good road race, then everything else would be a piece of cake.

But the most important thing for the race wasn't there. And that was me being prepared physically for it. I may put some "smokes and mirrors" to convince myself that I was prepared by psyching myself with new stuffs but in the end, it is still 10km that I had to conquer with no exercise for a month now.

This running fatboy has turned into a couch "fatter" potato.

Luckily there were some things that worked to my favor that day:

No. 1 was the very nice weather. No heat from the sun. No burning rays to tire me more. That was a good day for running!

No. 2 was the relatively flat if not downhill sloping route. I even liked it that course was made up of two laps so I can estimate how much further I had to run the second time I entered the route.

No. 3 were the ample (and cold) water they had scattered all over the place.

No. 4 was the shorter than expected route. It should be 10km but each loop was just 4.2km making it into a total of 8.4km. A few months ago I would have complained vehemently about the missing kms. Even more so if I had a target long run that day and ended up running more by myself than in a group via a race. Not that day. That day I was just happy that it was over and done with. It was that hard for me. Still it begs the question: if the 10km is just 8.4km, and the 5km is just 4.2km, does this make the 3km route just 1km?

Aside from the shorter distance, race wasn't all that bad. We got finisher certificates, two pandesal and some drinks at the finish line. I wasn't able to bag a finisher shirt given my less than speedy performance so that was a little downer.

But I loved the photos taken at this race as evidenced below....

Best of all, this race was held on a Saturday, which is our favorite day of the week. And having a race fall on this day means we have a much longer Saturday than expected! Yay!

See yah!

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