Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kenny Run '09 - a series of Firsts and one Last!

Not my FIRST...

... Night Race as did it before. But this will be my FIRST night race in the Philippines so looking forward to it.

.....Run into Heritage Park. But it will be my FIRST night run into Heritage Park! Creepy creepy!

.... 15km race. But it will be my FIRST 15km race that uses a timing chip! Nice one Rio!

And as things with pairs, there is a partner to my FIRSTS. This will be my LAST RUN AS A BACHELOR with the wedding the day after ! How's that for crazy! But it seems I'm not the only one insane enough to do this. Running ahead, behind or beside me are the following people:

1. JANINE "BRIDESMAID" NGO - doing a 10km race

2. JEANNE "WEDDING GUEST 01" NGO - doing a 10km race

3. GENEVIEVE "CORD BEARER" GOCHIACO - doing a 15km race

4. KERVIN "GROOMSMAN" CHUA -not doing any run but will be there for support and our own photographer!

5. NATALIE "GROOM'S SISTER" NG - doing a 15km race

6. DAVID "GROOM'S BROTHER" NG - doing a 10km race

7. BENNY "WEDDING GUEST 02" JABANES - doing a 15km race

8. JAY "WEDDING GUEST 03" NACINO - doing a 5km race

9. STELLA "GROOM'S COUSIN" QUE - doing a 15km race

10. JASON "WEDDING GUEST 04" DELA RAMA - doing a 15km race


11. JENNIFER "BRIDE" ONG - doing ....

some resting and sleeping at home.

We aren't that crazy yet!!!! See you on Saturday!!


Rico Villanueva said...

Haha. Nice one, Dennis. So the Kenny's Run will be your penultimate bachelor's party, eh? Great choice as there will be a band and from what I heard from an insider, SMB sold in cups! Just save some of the leg power for the 'full mary' to happpen the day after. :-)

Advanced wishes to you and Per!

Rod.Runn3r said...

ayos! but why the sad bunny face? hehehe! congratulations!

Anonymous said...

wow, best wishes to you both! -JunC & Mariel

schlagger said...

oh wow... congrats/best wishes to you both. :)

Running Fatboy said...

hi Rico, yes will take it slow or else patay ako kay Per. haha

hi rod.runn3r, dunno rin. You should ask Janine. She came up with the design. haha

hi junC and Mariel, thanks!!

hi Charles, Thanks!

Jinides said...

dennis, write our nicknames on the race bib =)

yikes, bigla akong kinabahan dun sa Heritage Park at Night. i need to run really close with someone. (strength in numbers)

from Wedding Guest 01

Anonymous said...

congrats and best wishes, you're a real winner.!

coach salazar

Anonymous said...

Dennis - You should be wearing a tuxedo outfit in this race!!!

Congratulations and best wishes.

Mark & Tiffin

Running Fatboy said...

hi jinides, yah scary but fuuunnnn!!

hi coach salazar, maraming salamat po.

hi mark & tiffin, maybe at the halloweeen run. haha. thanks!

janine+ said...

Erratum: Janine "Bridesmaid/Bride's Spy" Ngo

hahaha. Although I will lose you after the 10th kilometer. Hmm...

Hi Rod.Runn3r,
The logo is a spoof of the Playboy logo. Water station icon yan... or maybe TEARS OF JOY! Woo-hoo! =) hehe.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Janine, you can't really spy on someone when his race would start 30mins ahead of yours! Bwahahahaha (sinister laughter in case you can't hear it)

22loy said...

Haha! Iba ang groom sa groom's sister and entourage! Kung absent sila, tuloy pa rin ang wedding!

Running Fatboy said...

hi 22loy, you are right. That is why I was extra careful that night

Nora, the golden girl said...

Congratulations Dennis and Per! I hope you woke up in time for your wedding, Dennis (or hindi ka na siguro natulog?)

So your next race will be your first run as a married man . . .

Wishing you lots of love, kindness, patience, understanding, thoughtfulness and craziness for each other.