Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Runner No More ?

I haven't been running for the longest time. Once there is no goal for me to attain in the future, the urge to wake up early in the morning, put on running shoes and hit the road has disappeared. To do so as a form of exercise just seems.... CRAZY!

Why do that when I can just go to the comforts of the air-conditioned gym and just work out there? Why face the rain, speeding cars, terrifying dogs, polluted airs plus the normal headaches associated with waking up at 4AM just to RUN ?! That is just absurd! I would rather spend the time in the comforts of my bed and wake up refreshed for the day. I would rather go out the night before than worry about the number of hours I have left before the alarm sounds off at 4AM.

Why join road races when I get chaffed, blisters, stomach pains, cramps, feel hunger and thirst, side stitch, and no place other than the sidewalk to sit on?

Is this runner turning into a non-runner? Methinks so!

It has become surreal that I have accomplished some full marathons and too many half marathons to count (at least with my fingers and toes) given my current situation. Did I really do those things? How did I do it? What was I thinking??

The "runner me" doesn't sound like me anymore. The old me has now been replaced by a lazy person, quite comfortable to just sleeping and relaxing instead of doing the pains of running.

Whereas I had some regret before on cancelling my NY marathon, now I am just glad to have done so. If it wasn't cancelled, then my Sunday begins at 4am instead of 10am, and I would have to sleep in the afternoons just to offset waking up early. I would have less time to spend with my wife as she definitely doesn't want to train for a full mary. I would pressure myself in attaining the required miles per week (rain or shine) especially the required miles for the long run. I would have gotten a massage every so often but would groan every time the person massages my thighs. And let's not forget the pain relievers I have to take for my foot, the tape I used to stretch my leg and the heel cups I used for added support.

It really is hard to be a runner!

Don't worry, I haven't really quit on the sport (yet). But 21k and 42k seems too far reaching for me now. Right now, I am comfortable with the 10k distance. Instead of joining weekly races, monthly races are our comfort zones right now.

Next one we will be joining will be this Saturday's Figaro Run


daytripper1021 said...

come back to the light Dennis! hehehe...

see u at the Figaro 10k!

b2bwayne said...

Hi Dennis. All of us have gone through what you're experiencing. It's true that running is definitely the toughest sport, especially in the mental sense. It's happened several times to me in my running career so I know where you are.

Good to see that you're doing the Fiagro 10K. Do it with your wife and maybe do it with a group of runners. Allow it to be fun for you. I saw the fun you had last year when you were here in SF.

Take care and will see you in November!


Running Fatboy said...

show me the light Daytripper! haha. That was a hilarious comment from you!

hey Wayne,
I just might take up on your offer to do the 10k with the wife... thanks for the tips!