Monday, August 16, 2010

NBA Fit Run 10k - August 14,2010

NBA Fit run was another race organized by Runrio group but it was just announced a week before said race.

During that time, we were looking at joining the Run to Read race but when I went to the sports store in Glorietta to register, the line was so freaking long that I decided it wasn't worth it anymore. Luckily, Kulitrunner posted on her blog about a Saturday race in Mall of Asia area.

With a cheap registration fee of only Php 300, it was definitely worth it for us. For that amount, we got a nice singlet (but no XXL size for me - Boo!), bib number and a finisher certificate. That is sufficient already :)

It was also capped at 2,000 people which is what we liked about. There is something intimate about joining a smaller race rather than a race with 8,000 - 15,000 runners and this is something we were looking for.

And let me say, that we LOVE Saturday races! It makes our Saturdays that much longer plus we have an extra day to sleep more rather than the other way around. That is why our next race will most likely be Figaro Race as it falls on a Saturday.

Going back on the race, Per and I agreed that we would run it individually and wait for the other at the finish line. We both did the long Rexona 21km a week before so this should be quite easy to accomplish.

Boy, were we wrong!

The start (as always the case) was easy but by 4km, I was getting tired. Panting hard at 5km and envying the people doing that race and finishing already. At 7km, I was psyching myself that I am close to the finish line but I know that I wasn't. At 8km, I stopped to walk as didn't want to faint on the road. A blister was forming on my left foot. DAAAAAMMMNN!! At 9km, I was back at MOA, making a final right turn at the end to run straight to the finish line but I was just soooooo tired and out of shape. I just wanted it to end! I crossed the finish line at exactly 1:05:00.

And walked on the race course to look for Per (couldn't run anymore due to the stupid blister). She came by a few minutes later, also exhausted but with a determined look to finish the race. And finish it she did.

Now, we are both looking at just doing 5km races! Hahaha

Running with Per for her last 300 -400meters to the finish line and we got some couple photos! Yehey!

On a side note, I also use road races as my quiet time with Him and I especially like it when I see the sun rise in front of me. It is quite a spectacular sight to behold.

On this particular morning, through my quiet time, I realized that my dream of running NYC should be set aside first. Through this, a decision is finally made.... I will not run NYC this year. There will be other NYC marathons in the future. It will still be waiting for me should I decide to run it. For now, there are far more important things in life that I should put my attention to (and besides, I am too lazy to train too... hehe). Who knows? Maybe in the future, I will be able to run it with my wife next to me and that should be worth the wait!

Good luck to all the Pinoys joining this race. It should be a very exciting race! :)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Per and Dennis!

daytripper1021 said...

I definitely agree on the Sat races. As a family man myself, the Sunday rest day is a very warm welcome. I wanted to reg for NBA Fit Run as well but was just too lazy to drive from Ortigas to BHS to reg on a weekday.

But I hope to see you on Figaro run 10k. Sat race din. :)

keep on running! :)

Running Fatboy said...

thanks b2bwayne. See you soon!

hi Daytripper, hope to see you too

Nat said...

I think the 21k race took a lot out of you and it showed itself in this 10k race. That will happen if you haven't been running regularly as your body has to get used to it all over again.