Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Best and Worst Couple PR! (Runfest & Rexona)

It has been a few weeks since we both did a road race so we were semi-excited to do these two races. Excited in that we get to run with a lot of people again, enjoy the sights, get the loot bags and get runner's high once we cross the finish line. Not so excited in that we didn't want to wake up early anymore. We have gotten so much used to sleeping late on a weekend that it was difficult trying to wake up at 4am! YUCK!!!

Not to make the same mistake as the previous race, we set up three (!!!) different alarms this time around and they all worked... worked at giving us huge headaches that is! Too much ringings!!! Hahaha!

The first race was Jinoe's RUNFEST. What made this race unique were the personalized bib numbers bearing our names and singlets (with matching color) having our names imprinted in it.

We were mildly stressed when we haven't received Per's race kit yet on the week of racing but there was a collective sigh of relief once it was finally delivered to my office address. Phew!!!

Since we haven't ran in a race for some time and with the sad news that happened in Milo's 21k and AND Cebu's 10k race, we were a little more cautious with ourselves. That was when I decided to run with my wife and treat it as our bonding moment.

I brought her camera with me on the race so that I can take pictures of her running(or is it suffering?) the 10k. Our aim was for a new couple PR. That for me was achievable as current couple PR is about 8 minutes from Per's best solo 10k PR and about 20 minutes from my best solo 10k PR.

And achieved it we did! Yay! Thanks to the nice weather for making it easier for us that day. There were also ample waters here so no problem on hydration. Route was exactly 10km. Good job guys (too bad we didn't see you there)!

Time of 1:13 something... from 1:14:54 last year

One of pictures from's website.

Market Market

10k Finishers


This was a can't miss race from our favorite race organizer as his track record shows lots and lots of water/ sports drinks and marshals to guide the runners.

I was contemplating whether to do 10k or 21k but Per made me decide when she WANTED to do the 21k race! Wow! Did I create a monster?

So I joined with her for the 21k race with no time expectation due to lack of training and lots and lots of overeating! ;)

Race started on time and we were at easy pace throughout the race. Unfortunately, I had to take two toilet breaks, which slowed us down. One was at Sofitel Hotel so we got odd stares from the employees there when we came in all sweaty and with our race gears on. But I didn't care. Better the toilet than the shorts right? That to me is still the very worst thing that could ever happen while in a road race. Wouldn't you agree?

The route was fantastic! It took us behind Roxas Blvd and to a lot of greeneries. Lesser cars and jeepneys to avoid too. With the flat route and nice weather, a lot of runners got a new PR.

Not for us though as we got our worst time ever! Haha. But at least we didn't come in last and it was proven even if you're last place, you still have something to drink at the water stations! That made this race outstanding for me.

Loved also the very nice finisher medal and the loot bags! It's nice that Per and I got one set each for this race for the 21km race. More reason to run long races in the future... if only my feet will get healed!

Both races were quite good and we were happy to be involved with them and to experience them together.

To God be the Glory!


run unlimited said...

Congratulations to the both of you. I thought it was the alarm again that made you late, (you still have 11km left when I saw you)'yun pala iba ang nangyari, hahaha. Anyway, that was a good race indeed, good to see you again.

Anonymous said...

there is no " WORST " race as you put it. you both did very well inspite of not achieving your target time. when i saw you both heading for the finish line on the Rexona run. you both look good and what i saw is a Determine runner and not a quiter. Great run congratulations - patrick concepcion / runningshield

Running Fatboy said...

hi Vener, we were actually late again for BOTH these races. We see runners heading out before we even got to the starting line. But better late than never right? :)

hi Patrick, thanks! Nice seeing you on the road and near the finish line :)

kathy17 said...

Randomly ran into your blog from different blog sites, and love your posts. You guys are such a cute running couple! Great runs you've finished locally and abroad. jia you! :)

Running Fatboy said...

hi Kathy,

Thanks for the compliments and thanks for visiting my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Dennis / Per! Waking up is always a problem for us too. It was nice to see you even only for a moment at the Takbo race.

Regards Mark & Tiffin

Running Fatboy said...

hi Mark & Tiffin

Nice seeing you guys again too and congrats on your fast fast run!