Thursday, September 16, 2010

4th Auto Review Run - Sept 25, 2010

For the Sept 24-25 weekend, Per and I initially wanted to join the Camsur Marathon (but for the shorter distanced events) but due to the expensive price of the plane tickets and lodging there, we decided to veto it.

So what now?

Good thing I got an invite from Ron De Los Reyes (Producer- Host of Auto Review) to attend the Press Conference and Sponsor's Briefing yesterday (Sept 15) at Bluewater Day Spa, Ortigas.

Man, I got to say they put out all the works for a runner at the presscon:

There were lots of food involved for carbo loading (pasta was one of the main dishes) and the best part of all was the 30-minute foot massage. Hmmmmmmm......massage....mmmmmmm.......

Anyway, going back to the race...

This is actually the 4th Auto Review Run (with the 1st event going all the way back to 2004! Who would have thought there were that much runners back then? - IGNORANT RFB).

Race falls on a Saturday (Perfect!) and has 3km, 5km and 10km event. Gun starts for 10km event at 5:50AM with 5km next at 6:05AM and 3km at 6:15am.

Singlets aren't available yet but it should be ready by next week. It isn't glow in the dark as previously mentioned but still looks awesome!

Target of 2,500 runners for this race and there might be some games at the finish line and mini car show care from the sponsors. Rudy Biscocho is the race's technical director and event be held at Fort Bonifacio (just near ROX Outdoor Store).

On a personal note, this would be my 2nd Auto Review Run after joining the event last year. It was unforgettable as it was the last (tune up) race before my first full marathon the following week. But loved it for the free Starbucks drinks they had at the finish line and the good organization of the race.

Here's a review of that race:

I was waaaaayyyy thinner back then!

So whether you are in Manila or in Camsur next weekend, let's all enjoy the races and have a great time!

Thanks again to Ron for the invitation..

PS Ron sent me an email on revision of some information:

"By the way, our singlets (the red ones) are already available at ROX, Toby's at Park Square and SM North-The Block and our office at 5
Agusan, Sta Mesa Hts Quezon City.

The singlets also carry a reflectorized strip at the back which is better than glow-in-the dark paint."

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