Monday, October 4, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

Andy: Now Woody, he's been my pal for as long as I can remember. He's brave, like a cowboy should be. And kind, and smart. But the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you... ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what.

You were my first rubber shoes that was devoted to the love of running. You stuck around when I ran in blistering heat, in strong rains, in early morning, at late nights. You were there when I wore you to the gym. You were in my travels as I use you for comfortable walks. You were in the 10km and 21km races that I joined. You stuck around and didn't complain.

But now, it's time to pass you to another person. It's time for that person to enjoy you as much as I did. It's time for you to bring happiness to another runner. It's better that way than for you to be left behind in the closet.

Thanks for all your help!

My N846 being put in clear plastic bag by Adidas Staffs.

This is in conjuction with Adidas' Refresh Your Gear Promo:


1. Bring in your old athletic shoes to over 146 participating adidas stores nationwide.

2. In exchange of your old athletic shoes, get:

a: Php500 OFF your new purchase worth Php1,500 - P3,499

b. Php1000 OFF your new purchase worth Php3,500 and up

3. 1 pair of old athletic shoes = 1x discount value. Each discount value is applicable for only one item purchased. Bring in as many old athletic pairs to get discounts on as many new shoes.

4. We only accept athletic shoes of any brand (no sandals, high heels, flats, leather

or infant shoe.) Old athletic shoes have to be in decent condition and is still functional.

5. All old athletic shoes will be donated to Hope Worldwide Philippines Incorporated.

6. This promo is not in conjunction with any other promos.

7. Promo Period runs from October 1 - 31, 2010.

And what did I replace with this? Although that Adizero Boston called out to me, I got something entirely different and NOT AT ALL RELATED TO RUNNING.

To Be honest, it's more related to SOCCER and to THE DARK SIDE!

Cue in Imperial March Music!

The force is strong in that one!



efd said...

hey fatboy,
don't you have anymore freebie shoes ? great blog.

thedamnreviewer said...


Running Fatboy said...

hi efg. thanks for compliments on the blog

hi thedamnreviewer, have we met? you look familiar....

MinnieRunner said...

Nice shoes!

I know your old shoes would bring joy to the beneficiary :)

BTW, why running fatboy? You're not fat!

Running Fatboy said...

hi MinnieRunner
Nice to have met you at Rockwell before. Yup, I agree that this was a good thing Adidas is doing right now. . . will Nike follow next? :)