Monday, January 28, 2013

Back from USA

We just got back from vacation trip from Orlando and New York where Per did her first marathon there and I did the Dopey challenge, which was something I never did before as it involves me running three road races in three days!  It was taxing to the body especially since I had to wake up at 3am for three straight days.  That plus being jetlagged wasn't helpful to me.

But Disney IS the best place to run a road race, hands down!  It really is the Happiest place on Earth and Happiest place to do a road race too.

For now, will sleep some more and get used to Manila time.  Definitely will give more updates on this in the coming days....

Praise God for keeping us safe the whole time and for taking care of us there.  There is no other God but He who loves us the Most.  :)

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Daves said...

the dopey challenge sounds fun. wanna try that next year :)