Friday, February 4, 2011

A Runner's Circle, Manila Branch

Some weeks ago, Per and I ventured to one of Manila's newest running store: A Runner's Circle (ARC) Philippines.

Not really expecting to buy anything (as I had just purchased a new New Balance running pair some weeks ago....more on this later) but ended up buying a lot of nice goodies:

First up: since we were there on a Friday, they had the TGIF promo, "Thank Gu It's Friday", where you get 1 free GU after buying 3 pieces. So many flavors to choose from that I ended up buying 8 pieces of GU that afternoon. At least I will be able to use one or two on this Sunday's Condura Race. Expiration for some of the GU is end of 2011 so I'm sure to finish it all by then.

Then, they had some pretty nice running socks for sale there. Being a cheapskate, I bought the ASICS three pack socks that had almost the same price as one pair of running socks (forgot the brand name). Seems good when I used it for a run and signal to throw away my old moth-chewed white socks away.

There were also stuffs that I can used for stretching like the Prostretch device and some elastic stretching band (for Php 300). Both items I used in last December's Physical therapy and can now do at the comforts of my own bedroom.

Some pretty nice ARC branded shirts and shorts (made by Asics) were for sale too but my wallet was already complaining so I just drooled over them and promised myself (to Per's consent) to buy the ARC Manila red bag once they have stock of it.

Perfect reason to come back again!

There were also insoles for sale, Saucony running shoes, Asics shoes, hydration belts, etc

I had my feet tested as well and surprisingly, I am still neutral arch! YAY! But heat zone were at my heel! Boo! But they checked my foot size and made me run back and forth as well. The verdict: I'm a "STABILITY" kind of guy, preferably New Balance for the big feet width and my left foot is bigger than my right.

We will definitely return to this store! Now, if only they would open a branch in Makati or Ortigas area....

DISCLOSURE: Everything we got from this store, we paid from our own money. We did not get anything free except for The Bullrunner's Magazine, which was free to begin with..


The Scientist Runner said...

Nice one bro. Been there twice incognito myself... Looked around quite a bit both times but never saw nor was offered to test my feet/running gait...hmmm, I wonder why...but then, maybe next time? Cheers!

Running Fatboy said...

Hi SR, actually I saw the foot device and asked them if I could use it for my foot. They happily complied with mu request

Anonymous said...

hi sir just checked your blog now. just checked their fb but seems like the store permanently closed do you have any contact number? i also need the prostretch for my home pt. do you know where else can i buy that in the philippines? thanks!