Monday, March 14, 2011

FREE Race!

Here is an interesting race to be held at BHS on April 2, 2011:

Hyundai Accent Run 5k, 10k race

Official Assembly Time: 5:30am

Be one of the 2,000 Hyundai Accent runners!

Registration is from March 1-23, 2011
A confirmation via email will be sent to you once registration form has been fully accomplished.

No registration fee!

This run is in partnership with HARIBON Foundation. Each participant will allow HARI to donate one native tree seedling to HARIBON as part of Hyundai’s socio-civic “Together We Can for a Green Tomorrow” pro-environment advocacy Winners for each category will be given trophies and Hyundai items

Sample of Singlet

Yes, you heard that right: Registration is FREE! Unfortunately, the slots were gobbled up quickly by the runners once news came out that the race is free but cross your fingers everyone as I heard from the organizers that they MAY open up additional slots today or tomorrow for this race.

Please keep looking back at their website ( or better yet, look for them at their Facebook page (and add them) so you can be ready if they open up additional slots!

For me, I am registered for the 10km race here and looking to do another 10km race the following day - my first 10km back to back race weekend (April 2-3, 2011)! And one I'm definitely excited for!

Check back on this blog to find out the other 10km race I've registered myself for...

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barefootdaves said...

i am crossing my fingers that they will still open up some slots ;)