Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mizuno Infinity Run 2011 - SETTLED!

The Mizuno Infinity Run is happening in a couple of days. With the rain continue to pour nearly everyday, it’s hard to get a run in to get ready for this race.

At first glance, this looks to be a “value for money” race in that the singlet’s design and materials are very good. It’s even imported from another country (Japan?). To hype it up, Mizuno even had a race expo at their store in Paseo de Magallanes for claiming of singlets.

Per and I were there at the expo on the first day but by 12:30pm (store opened at 11:00am), Men’s singlet XL and XXL sizes were out of stock already. Wow! That was quick! Either they didn’t have enough stocks for these sizes or there was just a bigger demand for these sizes.

For me, they should have at least reserved the sizes for EACH RUNNER. So if you registered early, then automatically, you would get the size you requested. Not on a first come, first serve like what they did here. And even with this policy, the singlet sizes already ran out after just 2 hours from opening! Sigh!

Mizuno did reply saying there was a second shipment of singlets this week, which arrived yesterday morning but upon calling both SM Megamall and BGC branch, XL and XXL sizes were out of stock (again)!

So I guess I will just give my Large sized singlet to Per for her to use rather than wear it on Saturday and just hope (but lowered my expectations) that they have enough sizes for their finisher shirts and enough stocks for their 21km finisher medals.

Mizuno's nice finisher shirt with the logo “NEVER SETTLE” but ironically, we seem to be settling for the wrong sized singlets! I really hope we won’t settle again come Saturday morning!

See you there!


Edgar said...

LOLZ. Totally agree. Registered at megamall. when the singlets arrived, medium was the biggest they had. I had some miscommunication with their club650 branch who though I was a woman and was giving me a large for women's singlet. LOL. In the end I went to BHS to get large male singlet.

Daves said...

good luck dennis! see you tomorrow :)

mizuno said...

Thank you for sharing this. ope to read more from you. More power to you.