Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Back to Back Weekend Run

Run # 1 (Saturday) :

A 3.2km Run at Philippine Army Grandstand. Sounds simple enough?

Here's the catch: It has to be done barefoot ! No shoes, no socks and no slippers. Just you and the road.

If the road was done at Ultra Oval or on flat grass or even on (wishful thinking) a carpeted floor, then that's fine. But this is hard and uneven asphalt roads. There were a lot of screaming, a lot of shouting, a lot of walking, a lot of pain, and a lot of blisters! I don't think anyone got out of this with the skin of their feet intact.

Mine alone had blisters on the the forefoot and on the fourth toe. Dabbing both feet in petroleum jelly helped alleviate the pain but will that be enough for Run #2?

This run was also Bald Runner's 1st barefoot clinic and just costs Php 50.0. It's quite an affordable run and personally, I am looking forward to Bald Runner's 2nd barefoot clinic happening in September and features a 5km barefoot and/or "barefoot shoes" run. Price has gone up to Php 350, but this would also include a souvenir shirt.

Cheapest run as you don't even need to have a pair of rubber shoes! Haha!

Areas of improvement (on me and not on race):

1. Need to lift legs more without pushing off so would lessen friction (which causes blisters). Raise feet at ankle level and plant it softly to the ground. Feet should look like they are pedaling a bike.

Run # 2 (Sunday): NBA Fit Run 21k

Another good race from RunRio Inc. Cost for 21km is cheap (considering the organizer) at just Php 600. Unfortunately, with the cheaper fee comes some deductions. There are no finisher medals nor finisher shirts for 21km finishers. You will get an Air 21 Environment Bag at the finish line with some other freebies. Race comes with D Tag, Bib no., and NBA Fit Run Singlet.

Due to a lack of medal (which I just love regardless of size, shape or color), it took me a long while to decide whether to run this race or not. But I invited Alvin to go with me and with his yes, there's no backing out for me.

The route is around BGC area and up Kalayaan Bridge all the way to Buendia for the U Turn right before South Super Highway and back to BGC for some more loops inside the area. I thought I was getting stronger but by 14- 15km, I was burning out. I did a mix of run-walk to get to the finish line.

I'm sure I would have finished longer if I ran by myself only so I was glad to have someone (with his disappointed look!) push me forward. My finish time was at 2:48:29, quite mediocre vs my other 21km races but quite happy with it because of the following difference (vs that of other 21km races):

1. I ran on Kalayaan Bridge. Yes, it was just one way as going back, I was run-walking the bridge. But this was the first time I ran the entire thing from bottom to top, crossed it, and ran to the bottom at one time. This has never happened for this year so that's something I can be a little proud of.

2. I did not use GU. Ordinarily for a race at BGC, I would end up eating 2 GUs, a banana (if any) and lots of Gatorade/ Powerade. That's a lot of sugar but I always feel like GU has a ton more (but it does work for me). Still that's one GU saved! Kailangan din mag-tipid!

3. It was the 2nd leg of my self imposed back to back run. So legs are tired, calves are working overtime and blisters aren't even healed yet. Even with this condition, I was able to beat the previous three 21km races that used the same BGC route. So hooray for my small victory!

Some areas of improvement (on me again):

1. Need to start slower! So I can go faster at latter part of the race or at the very least, be consistent. Walking at latter part meant I went out too fast.

2. Need to work on core muscles. Shoulders always painful at 2nd part of 21km race so a weak core could be the culprit here..


Nora, the golden girl said...

Kung di ba naman ADIK, tatakbo ng nakayapak, tapos mag tu-21k kinabukasan????

Saludo ako sa 'yo Dennis! You're my new IDOL!!!

Henry said...

How long it will take to finish the 21K?

Running Fatboy said...

hi nora, long time no see or hear! thanks for the kind words.

hi henry, i guess best answer i can give is... it depends... on YOU! :)