Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trick of Treat! (Runner's style)

For the past two days, I was like a little kid again as I go from one place to another, collecting my goodie bags.

Only this time, the goodie bags aren't filled with chocolates or candies but all sort of wonderful, wonderful things for a running enthusiast like myself.

It so happened that race kits collections were available for three big race events for the fourth Quarter of 2011 and most were in BGC area. Let me break them down individually:


This event was held in its own tent right in front of NIKE Store, Boni High Street. It was easy to get our race kits here given the number of counters opened for the runners lining up. There were some Nike shoes and shirts for sale too.

Contents of Race Kit: Nike water bottle, Nike 10km event guide, Nike official dri-fit running shirt (with race number on it), Nike big environment bag


The best race kit collection venue by far as it was placed inside the very large and very spacious NBC Tent, BGC. There were a lot of booths inside promoting their products with some games (and prizes) from each booth. There were also games held by Adidas at the main stage.

They were also selling some Adidas shoes (and you can also check your foot type). You can also buy a second Adidas KOTR singlet for just Php 500.

We were able to join some of the games there and got things like Multivitamins, note pads, pens, souvenir photo and even a Rubber Duckie!

Contents of Race Kit: 1 canned good (tuna or meatloaf), personalized bib number with chip timer, Adidas official KOTR singlet (color given out to registrant was random), some brochures.


This was a normal registration booth (in-store) but since it was up already, why wait till the last minute to register? For the BHS area, registration was at RUNNR Store but when I got there, the 32km slots had ran out so Per and I drove to Planet Sports, Glorietta to get our race kits there.

Note: according to RunRio staff manning the registration booth, they would replenish the 32k race kits after 1-2 days but I was too impatient to wait for it.

Contents of Race Kit: various multi vitamins samples, bib number (with B-Tag attached to it), small pouch, running singlet.

Overall, I loved the Nike Race kits best given the very nice running shirt that comes with it. Adidas KOTR comes to a close second with Run United 3 being last.

In terms of races, I'm most excited with Run United 3 as it will be my first 32km race and my longest distanced race for 2011!

See you on the roads!

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Reginald Tan Bueno said...

See you in Run UNITED 3. I'm doing my first 32K in that race. I also went to Nike We Run Manila and Adidas KOTR 2011. We have the same mindset =D