Friday, November 25, 2011

READ: The Long Run by Matt Long

Every once in a while, I would read a book on running. I'm more interested in the "inspiring" kind of running book rather than those that has various marathon training plans in it.

This is one of those inspiring running book. I first heard about this writer when he was featured in an old issue of Runner's World. Matt Long was a member of NYFD and did the New York Marathon back in 2005, and qualified for Boston Marathon (he finished at 3:13).

Unfortunately, there are days when things don't go the way we planned especially for him when he was hit and dragged under a passenger bus, while riding his bike to work!

This is the story of how one ordinary guy became extraordinary through the trials that he had to face (he couldn't walk, he couldn't even move, and he was given a 5% survival rate by the doctors!) and how he conquered all these things.

The next time I would complain about my legs or shoulders or the hard run, I have to think of Matt Long. And stop complaining (or in Alvin's words: whining) and start counting my blessing.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ! (Especially if you are training for a big race)..

Note: I bought my copy at Fully Booked, BGC (Fort Bonifacio)

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Nat said...

Matt gave an inspirational talk at a Lululemon store in NY in 2009...we were there.