Monday, December 5, 2011

Boracay 5km Race

The last time I was in Boracay, I "bandit" joined a 2km race as it was opened solely for women only. (Click this LINK for more info on said race).

Luckily on my next visit to Boracay I was able to find a fun run happening the next day. This was for a 3km and 5km fun run starting from Casa Pilar at Station 3 and it served as the Boracay leg for the "Million Volunteer Run" by Philippine Red Cross. (they had a Manila leg too at SM Mall of Asia Grounds).

This was a perfect race for me as I needed to do 5km that day (and left my Garmin in Manila). I tried to convince Per to join the 3km race but she was too lazy to run on our vacation. (Good thing she didn't say yes or else I have a lot to answer for in trying to register her for a Kiddie race category!)

By 5:50 am on December 4th, 2011, I was at the race site and registered for that race. Due to lack of time, I didn't bother to fill up the registration form and just paid for it in order to get my race bib and Red Cross Volunteer shirt.

The race was supposed to start at 6:00 am but we had to wait until the helicopter would come and fly over us. Yes, a HELICOPTER!

The Starting Line at Station 3.

Red Cross Ambulance at the beach

The kids started their 3km race first...

.. followed by the province's local tribe...

... and concluding with our 5km race

For both race categories, it was a simple straight run along the beach shore, followed by a U Turn at half way point to run back to the starting line. For the 5km race, the U Turn point was at White House Resort on Station 1 (and right where the Life Guard post was).

I planned to race this as it was just 5km but I underestimated how difficult it was to run on the dry sand as my feet kept sinking in them (and they were DEEP)! By 500 meters, I was panting hard, and BOTH my calves were hurting. I was also feeling pain in my heels at 1km point. The incline of the terrain wasn't helping too.

Instead of staying on the difficult beach, I went instead with the other runners on the rough sidewalks and tried to regain some lost time there. I overtook some runners but clearly I wasn't fully recovered yet from what happened earlier and I took some quick walk breaks to stretch out my legs too.

Pretty soon the sidewalks ended at Station 2 and I was forced to go back to the beach area for the U turn point some 800 meters away. The organizers positioned the water station there and I took a quick sip before running back on the beach.

My halfway mark was at 17 minutes! Wow, that's slow.

This time, instead of running on the dry sand or on the sidewalk, I ran instead by the shoreline. The sands were wet making them compact and good to run on. The challenge was not getting my feet wet but pretty soon I realized it was unavoidable and just ran on sand and on water. And I ran faster.

But the calves pain were still there and I had to walk again near the finish line before running off again to finish it.

My finish time was at 31:51, not a personal best but since this was my first 5km for the year, it's a 2011 PR Time.

After the race, there were free foot massages given my Mandala Spa therapists. Yes, THE MANDALA SPA! Not willing to let this go, I waited patiently for my turn here.

Aaahhh, soothing (and a little painful) foot massage!

My poor shoes post-race!

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jØsh said...

Hi! On behalf of the Philippine Red Cross - National Headquarters, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to you and to all who joined the Million Volunteer Run - Boracay leg.

We hope you could join us in our future projects.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos...I was looking into your shots and maybe I was included in your shots... Do u still have other photos during the run? I also joined but unfortunately don't have photos... More Power

lapiskamay said...

Hello! thanks for this very nice post. I am living in boracay, and i was supposed to race that day but i was in ilo-ilo that day. SO i ran there, pretty boring compared to the boracay leg. hehe. Nice photos!