Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Next Goal! TNF Baguio 2012

Hills? Check!

Trail Run? Check!

Registered? Check!

Training? ummm.... let me get back to you on that one...

This would be my first North Face event since... EVER!

And my first trail run since.....2010? Or was it 2009?

The point is that it was so long ago that I had already forgotten about it. But I do remember how hard they were, how challenging to just finish and how Impossible it is to run the entire way. But I also remember how accomplished I felt when I crossed the finish line and how unforgettable each trail run experience was.

This would be my first 22km trail run race (or that of a 21km for that matter) and I hope to finish it within the 4.5 hour cut off time.

Time to start training again!

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