Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bad Running Week!

It was the worst week for me - running wise as last Saturday, I attempted to do a 21km run by myself around BGC and Makati area. I had one bottled water with me, 2 GUs in my Spi-belt and I even wore compression pants. Before leaving the house, I ate one museli bar and consumed one bottle of Gatorade.

There were no time targets here, merely the distance goal. It should been an easy, long run!

Well, easy it wasn't. And long? Not even close!

I jogged a bit when I started at a slow pace but for some reason, I couldn't go any faster. I even had to walk at different parts of the run. Thinking that my legs were just stiffer than they usually were, I jogged some more, hoping that they will feel looser.

That didn't work out well and by 5km, I was tired and went back to walking again.

So I tried a different tactic by heading out to BGC in the hopes that the new route will make the run more interesting and keep me occupied. That kinda worked for the next 2-3 kilometers and I felt stronger and faster. I was glad it wasn't hot yet and the air was cool that morning.

Then I hit the 9km mark and I stopped running and I started walking. Eventually, that too became taxing for me and I just sat down on one of the sidewalks of BGC.

Just sat down and stared at the people running. I drank some more water but didn't touch the GU gels. I didn't think I deserved them anymore. That was it. The end of my run.

Only problem was how to get back home? I had no cash, no car keys and no cellphone with me. And I was just too tired to run back home.

So I just sat there for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes more. And with no other solution, I slowly got up again and went home the only way possible - with my two legs!

I jogged and I walked and I couldn't even avoid the cars on the road. Thankfully, none of them sideswiped me! I was too tired to even get off the road and I just didn't care anymore. I figured that if I accidentally got hit, at least they could take me home. Hahaha! Yes, I was pathetic that Saturday morning!

By God's Grace, I got home safe and sound and felt like I ran a full marathon. But it was just 12 kilometers and at a super slow pace.

Weird! I was disappointed at my performance and got home service massage for that night.

Come Sunday morning (Mother's Day), I did a short 5.5km run with Per in the morning and felt fine. Phew, at least that bad run didn't extend anymore till the next day or I may be traumatized from running again!

But come Monday morning, my Garmin Forerunner 205 couldn't work anymore. It was in a perpetual charging state but once taken out from the charger, it was just a blank screen. Somehow, the mode button got embedded too!

Argh! It was there with me for two full Marys, but it didn't survive the weekend run I did by myself and with Per. You will be sorely missed!



daytripper1021 said...

that's tough. I guess we all have our bad days. I haven't been doing my scheduled long run for 2 weekends now so I hope to get one in this week (32k. yikes!).

I usually run in BGC on Sunday mornings (recovery run or if I've a scheduled race). Maybe I can tag along with you in your long runs there. Misery loves company, as they'd say. :D

too bad about your Garmin. Time to get a new one WOOHOO!!!! :D :D :D

Thirdy Lopez said...

mainit kasi kaya ang hirap tumakbo...


sad for your garmin...

Anonymous said...

U can replace your unit at garmin Ortigas for 5k