Tuesday, July 31, 2012

36th Milo Marathon - Full Circle!

0 km in 2008

To be honest, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to do this race. It wasn't just the cut-off time that frightened me but it was the impression I got all those years ago that the ones running the 42.2km race would only be the elite Filipino runner.. the ones sent to the Sea Games, the Olympics, etc. to represent our Beloved country. These were runners who have been running most of their lives, who had 3% body fat, who were dark from all that running, and who wore short shorts!

2008 - KM 0 - 10: IN THE BEGINNING!

I first experienced Milo running events waaayyy back in 2008! At that time, I just had to join this race as it was the oldest in the country (even older than me) and the most popular running event. It was one of my first races and I signed up for the 10km race.

Per wasn't even running yet but she was there to support and cheer for me at the finish line.

It was that same year during Milo Finals 2008 that Per ran one of her first 10km races, and one of our first couple 10km races too.

2009 - KM 10 - 21.1: LEVEL UP!

My first Milo Half Marathon Event. It was a good experience for me, and Per ran the 10km on her own.

2010 - KM 0: BREAK TIME!

No Milo race for us this year as I got tired of it and didn't see any reason to join that race again. We joined other races instead.


In 2011, there was a change of Race Organizer to RunRio.Inc and a big incentive for 21km finishers was the marathon medal. But it comes with a catch: you have to finish the race at 2 hours 30 minutes or below!

My confidence wasn't that high when they had the Eliminations so I skipped that event and joined another Half Marathon event in UP instead. But all that time, I was challenged to get the finisher medal.

And I did during the Milo Finals last December 2011, by a measly 8 seconds from the cut-off time!

My first Milo medal! Crunchy on the outside!

Happy finishers!

2012: KM 21.1 - KM 42.2: FULL CIRCLE!

There were a lot of doubts about whether I could finish the full marathon within the cut-off time due to lack of long runs (I wasn't able to complete the required weekend LSD runs and usually quit that day, tired and defeated), and even had a slow half marathon finish time recently (surpassed 3 hours).

The cut-off time for this race was 6 hours.

Alvin thought at first that I should just do the half marathon and run it fast, but what will I do with a second Milo half marathon medal?

No, it was the 42.2km race for me or bust!

Panic mode began as I tried to put the mileage in... the returning PF pain did not help at all, and just added to the difficulty here. But Alvin was able to guide me the last few weeks for this race.

On race day, there were a lot of prayers made by me, a lot of mind games, a lot of walk breaks, a lot of water station stops, a lot of pain, a lot more pain, a lot more prayers and a lot more mind games!

It was hard for me. No other words to describe it!

Running along Roxas Blvd.

At the last 3km, Alvin was waiting for me and paced me to the finish line. Clearly, one of us was in a good mood!

But after all is said and done, I am proud to show this:

My biggest medal so far

7th marathon done, 4th for the Philippines and 3rd for Year 2012 (my most in one calendar year).

Thanks to Alvin for the training he gave me and much needed PUSH (figuratively and literally) at the last 3km of the race.

Per completed her 10km race as well!



run unlimited said...

Congrats! It's now a reality.
Before there was a find the running fatboy from the crowd, now you're found everywhere along the route, hahaha. Cheers, you did it well.

Daves said...

congrats dennis! :)

Running Fatboy said...

hi Vener, thanks for this and nice seeing you!

hi Daves, thanks!