Thursday, December 13, 2012

RFB's Best Finisher Medals for 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, it was time for me to look back at some of the races I joined for 2012.  

As I am particularly fond of collecting finisher medals as the symbols of my achievements, here is a list of what I think are best finisher medals for 2012 (including some International Races that I got to join as well):

10.  Tanay Trail Run 21km (May 27, 2012)

To be honest, the medal here is quite ordinary in that it is circular in shape and size isn't that big.  There are better medals out there for me (such as New Balance Power Run) but to get this medal ranks high on the achievement list!

I had to climb up and down two mountains, do various river crossings, crawl, run on mud, run on stony roads and fell countless times.  Yes, that is what trail running is all about but my usual limit is up to 10 kilometers only.  This was the first (and only) time that I did a Half Marathon Trail Run so the finisher medal and accompanying shirt holds a special place in my heart!

9.  Run For Integrity 2 15km (May 06, 2012)

A very colorful (and thus eye-catching medal).  It was my first 15km race for 2012, and not only did it establish PR Time for 2012 (and still unbeaten after three or four more 15km races within the year), but I also beat all my 15km races for 2011 (with an average pace of 6:25 and finish time of 1:38:15).  :)

Race itself was pretty good around BGC area and race organization was excellent here!

8.  Rexona Run 21km (September 23, 2012)

Both Per and I got a medal each, she for being part of the 21km Relay finishers with another friend of ours and me as a 21km Solo Finisher.  Shape is unique and the size for the solo finishers are larger than that of the relay Finishers.

It was also nice that we got a medal each even though we joined different race categories!

7.  Subic 42.2km Marathon (January 22, 2012)

My first marathon for the year garnered a Philippine Marathon PR time, which is still unbroken up to this day.  It was my first time running in Subic and race course here was pretty straightforward (figuratively and literally speaking).

The medal was nice as an achievement but what I liked here was the bonus dog tag given to us at the finish line.

6.  Berlin 42.2km Marathon (September 30, 2012)

My first European Finisher Medal!  Pretty nice as not only did it act as a souvenir for my race there but for my entire European trip too! 

Too bad my experience at the marathon was horrible as I was still sick when I ran it and experienced nausea, cold chills (I was the only runner there wearing a jacket and having the zipper all the way up to my neck while the other runners were in short shorts and singlets!), dizziness, and diarrhea during the actual race!  But Thank God, I still crossed the finish line safe and sound (although quite pale in color when I did so as testified by my wife)!

Course was quite nice but unfortunately, it was longer by one kilometer, which I really DID NOT NEED at that time!  Haha!

5. and 4.  Run United Trilogy Series (21km - 32km) (June 17, 2012 and September 16, 2012)

I only did two legs of the trilogy and the medals given out at the finish line were pretty much the same:  triangular in shape with the details on the medals.  What was pretty cool here was that you can put them together to form a bigger medal!  It was a new concept in the Philippines that was introduced by Runrio, Inc.

Per and I did the second leg together and got a finisher medal each so that was what I used to complete the "circle", so to speak!

It was big too as individual pieces so imagine the size of it when all three pieces were combined! More on this later...)
the circle is now complete!

couple 21km run

3.  Hong Kong 42.2km Marathon (February 5, 2012)

 The medal here was very, very nice and one that I am quite proud of getting due to the strict cut-off time that HK Marathon had for runners (with shuttle buses being used to pick up slower runners).

A medallion was also included with the race kit to entice the runner to get the finisher medal (or used as a consolation prize for those who weren't able to finish the race).

One of the hilliest marathons (if not, the hilliest) I have ever ran in my life but ironically my second best PR time for a 42km race, thanks to Alvin who trained me (hard!!) for it.

Year of the Dragon medallion

As you can see, the attention to details for both medallion and finisher medal were really, really EXCELLENT!  One of my prized possessions!!

2.  Run United Philippine 42km Marathon (October 28, 2012)

An impromptu marathon (Damn You Alvin! haha) that I joined amid fears that I may have pneumonia from Europe (thank God, I didn't).

The medal was huge!!!  It was like a huge plate and it's size is the combination of medals from Run United Trilogy!

This time, big is definitely better!!!

1.  Milo 42km Marathon (July 29, 2012)

Just a few minutes from the cut-off time to get this huge medal!  Never mind whether organizers chose to be more lenient to runners and extend the cut-off time (not an issue for me as it is their prerogative as an organizer whether to be strict and follow rules "by the book" or give runners a chance to go home happy).

I just wanted to get the medal within the official cut-off time and say, "I am a Milo Marathoner!" 

I can safely say I have come full circle as not only a Milo Runner (started running 10km distance in Milo) but as a Filipino runner (having complete the country's premier race).

And these are my top 10 best medals (and best and/or hardest races as well) for 2012.

So what could come in 2013?

I have no idea... but Alvin keeps shoving this to my face!

Thank you Lord for making me complete all these races safe and sound!  Thank you for protecting me and giving me strength!


daytripper1021 said...

I agree on the Milo medal being #1. Neatly engraved over bronze-like tone shows the subtle but meaningful event that is MILO.

Yes, Milo 42km Elims again sa 2013!


Anonymous said...

Run for integrity yung nalagay mo sa run for pinoy glory.

Running Fatboy said...

hi daytripper, haha! You were fast in that Milo race. Good luck on your next Milo 42km :)

hi anonymous, Thank you for pointing out my mistake! It has since been corrected :)