Thursday, September 5, 2013

Next Target: Caliraya 360 degrees 34km

I just registered Monday afternoon at Mizuno BGC for this race happening in less than 2 weeks time.  As I signed up for my (lucky no) 13th Full Marathon on October 6 (Run United Philippine Marathon), I will need at least one long run to make myself ready for race day.

This race was the most ideal although it is pretty far from where I live, it should be a hard race given the super uphill climb at the first part of the route. 

But cut-off time time here is lenient at 7 hours for this race (is it really that hard? I am afraid so.)   But this is good too as it offers a nice scenic route of Lake Caliraya among other places in Laguna.

race route!

This is my third race from Run Mania team and it is always good for me how organized and safe the races were.  Although this time, I will be running it without a support crew but don't think that would be a problem as there is hydration every 1.5km to 2km.

My first 34km ever!  Good luck to all runners here!

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