Sunday, January 24, 2016

Race Review: The Labelled Green Fun Run 10km

This race was supposed to be held last November 2015 but race organizers changed its race date to January 24, 2016.  Luckily, our schedule was free that day so rather return the race kits and get refunds, we decided to run it instead, making it our first 10km for 2016.

This was definitely a new route for us as the starting line was inside La Salle Greenhills  campus and route was pretty much straightforward: two loops along Ortigas Avenue with first loop taking us to EDSA via Ortigas Avenue flyover!

Going up the flyover was a pretty awesome experience but once was enough for me given its steep incline!  I was sooooo glad that we didn't have to do it again on our second loop!!

I was winded at halfway mark and had a hard time keeping my pace.  The goal was simple to finish this race as didn't do any sort of training for it (unless you consider one super slow 6km run as "training").

My pace started at 6:30 and pretty soon it was at 6:15 average pace (my fastest pace for 2015's 10km race).  All I had to do was go faster a bit to have a faster pace than last year.

It wasn't easy especially since I had to stop twice at the water stations to drink some water.  There was a sudden downpour of rain too making it a little harder to run given the slippery road.  But I kept going, coughing and wheezing the entire time like a sick, old man! Haha!

The last 3km felt like forever but I was glad I was able to maintain the below 6:15 pace.  But I couldn't go faster than the speed I was running. I was spent and hopefully had enough strength to cover the last remaining distance. 

"Don't stop to walk", I reminded myself.  "Don't put your pace to waste by slowing down", I tried to convince myself.

Finally, Alvin and I reached the end of Ortigas Avenue and we took a left turn to go inside the school campus and crossed the line!  Yay, we finished this race!  Thank You God!!

I received a finisher medal and a loot bag, which had vitamins, junk food and tomato sauce and Milo sachets.

Pretty much a good race and had fun running it!  Moreover, I was glad that I was able to go faster than my 2015 10km race so this set a new standard for me to beat :)  Thank You LORD!

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