Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Men's Health Miracle Run - August 17, 2008

Men's Health has come up for route map for this Sunday's Miracle Run in Fort Bonifacio. According to this, race starts at 6:30AM (not 6:00AM) and looks to be doing two 5K loops at the various schools for the 10K race. Course looks flat so will try and do my 10K for less than an hour with ultimate goal of less than 58 minutes. I am curious as to what the Miracle Run Counter will look like and what part of the total 10,000km my 10km run will be a part of (hoping for the first 4,000km).

On their website (www.menshealth.com.ph), they have removed Powerbooks as part of their registration centers and now just allow registrations at All-Terrain Bike shop in Libis, at R.O.X. in Serendra, or at Summit Media office in Pioneer.

I haven't gotten my kit yet so hopefully this will be ready when I go to their office this week.

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