Monday, August 11, 2008

Spotted...(part 4)


At Mizuno Rush to Infinity Run June 2008:

Annlee with her brother Wilbur

Annlee again post-race

Janine+ in her many poses :)

Edwin after his 15k race

Per and Kervin at front of the pack with Janine+, Wawie and me (with my head down) right behind them.

Stevie post-race

Janine+ at Menshealth Urbanathon in 2007. The race that gave birth to our 10K runs!!!

For more photos, go to

Who knows... you might even spot yourself!


Jeanne said...

janine+ @ mizuno: is that a candid shot? nice, looks "editorial"

Running Fatboy said...

hi jeanne, you got to ask janine+ herself on that one. :)

janine+ said...

I don't know. I was still half asleep... hahaha. I look so sungit!