Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

1. When I was a toddler, I walked and fell into the deep end of the swimming pool. My brother had to jump in and save me!

2. At one time during my Kindergarten days, I decided not to take the school bus home (long story there) and thought it was easy to go home by myself. It wasn’t! I got lost after walking for 6 hours! Too tired to walk, I just slept somewhere on the sidewalks of Taiwan (no wonder I like camping and sleeping on the floor). I was discovered by a Taiwanese girl who reported me to the police. They found contact details in my school backpack! Good thing there were details or I may still be in Taiwan up to now!

3. I got caught stealing Blu Tac at the supermarket when I was 8 years old. At that time, I thought it was easy to steal. Again, it wasn’t. The cashier who caught me offered to pay for it instead. It was just AU$3.00 worth but I didn’t have money at that time!

4. When I was little, when people would ask me, what I wanted to be when I grow up, I always say, “Black Ninja”. Now that I’ve gotten older, I realize that being a black ninja is just NOT feasible. So, I look at being an assassin instead. Haha!

5. I always wrestle against my brother but I never win. Still, it was good fun when he lifted me up into the air and threw me on the bed. Hulk Hogan was still famous at that time.

6. I enjoy running road races. And gave the running bug to my sisters as well. Now, they are more addicted with the sport than I am!

7. I am afraid of mice and rats.

8. I encountered a ghost in my old bedroom before. Seems like an old lady because of the shrieking laughter but all I saw was black mist fading into the ceiling. Left lights on for that night. Good thing it didn’t come back. My dad saw a ghost too some years ago so maybe it’s hereditary.

9. I shaved my head in college because I passed my accounting subject.

10. I eat anything! The spicier, the better.

11. I just learned how to bike last year!

12. Best and scariest experience in my life ever: Skydiving!

13. I was a movie fanatic before. Watching up to 4 movies in a single day. Now, not so much anymore.

14. I never owned a pager/ cellphone/ or a computer during my college days and yet, I survived it!

15. I think I had a rabbit before in Taiwan, but now I’m not really sure.

16. I love Star Wars! Except for the scene where Leia kissed her brother Luke. That is just sick!

17. I lead my friends to Mt Kinabalu climb in Kota Kinabalu and I think most of them were traumatized by that experience. Good thing, they still think of me as their friend. J

18. I tried scuba diving and found out, surprisingly, that I hate it

19. I have too many collections that need to be thrown away! My room is a mess!

20. I can burp whenever I want to. Just ask me.

21. I love to drink but know that it’s bad so now, I limit myself to one drinking spree a month. Hahaha!

22. I love to travel, either in the Philippines or in other countries.

23. Had one major car accident back in college. Car was a total wreck. Driving safer these days.

24. I love the beach. I have been to Boracay 6 times in 6 consecutive years now.

25. I got so many pimples in college. Must be the pollution in Taft Avenue.


Rico Villanueva said...

Dennis, will there be a forthcoming quiz on "How well do you know RFB?" What are the prizes? :-)

Running Fatboy said...

hey Rico, its something being done at Facebook now so figured putting it in my blog as well. See you soon!