Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bonus Feb '09 Race - The Delta 10k Run

After deciding last week that I will do two races in February with a distance of 15km each, I have decided to add one more race and that's for this coming Sunday (February 8) at U.P.

My Reasons to join this race:

1. It's only Php 150. Running a race has never been this cheap!!!! And if you are a U.P. Alumni or U.P. Student, entry is just at Php 100 !!
2. It's for a good cause! This race is for the benefit of the Children of DSWD - Bago Bantay, Quezon City. For me, anything that's for a good cause is worth running for!

3. On a personal note, the 10km distance is perfect too as my program requires me to run 10km that day. Joining a race will be more exciting for me than just running by myself.

4. For Payback! On our last race in UP, which was the UP ICTUS RACE , Per and I both suffered big time in our finish time. We both got injured in that race and had to do a lot of walk breaks! Hopefully, we can redeem ourselves in this race!

1. Out of the 5 UP 10km races I joined last year, I only finished 1 at sub-60 so hoping to do that again for this race.
2. Beat current UP record of 58:38

Race details:

It will have a 2km, 5km and 10km category. 10km is two 5km loops. Registration starts at 5AM but if you want them to reserve a slot for you (like we did), leave a comment at their multiply website: http://dlsupvstfunrun.multiply.com/. Race will start at 6:30AM (hopefully, it won't be too hot by then), with venue at UP Academic Oval (near College of Music).


Anonymous said...

Goodluck! Sarap may mga long distance races dyan. Wala pang races dito sa Seattle kasi winter pa.

Running Fatboy said...

thanks Wilbert. Good luck on your training there.