Monday, November 24, 2008

RFB's New Running Challenge Conquered!

Can I run two 10km races in two days and still maintain a good finish time for both of them ?

That was my self imposed challenge last week as I joined for both Race for Life at Fort Bonifacio and Animo Run in Mall of Asia grounds. Here's my account on both races:


The race starts at 6:00AM but figured I was quite early as got to Fort Bonifacio area around 5:35AM so there was enough time for a little warm-up and stretching. Unfortunately, I thought that this race will be held near NBC Tent as most Fort Bonifacio races were. Good thing I had the race map with me and by the time I found the starting point, it was just 5:40AM so there was still time..

BUT... there was no parking space in sight! Unlike races held at NBC Tent, Serendra or even McKinley Hill where there were ample parking spaces, here it was the complete opposite. Cars were parked on one side of the street and that was already filled up by the time I got there. I made a long drive to look for an empty spot and even ended up outside British International school. Still no space available! In the end, I ended up at the carpark of Market Market and had to jog a little bit to reach the starting point.

By the time I got to Starting Line, the race had already started so I had no choice but to just keep on running. So unready in that my Garmin was still tracking the satellite and my IPOD was playing a sloooow song. No stretching and no warm ups either. What a bad day! Really disappointed that organizers didn't foresee a need for car parks and with 1,000 runners, they should have at least thought about it. Street parking is never enough for this magnitude of runners.

The course itself was mostly flat to downhill so figured a lot of runners got their Personal Best time here. Due to my Garmin not starting on time I don't really know what my finish time is but based on my calculations (Garmin recorded 9.25km distance at 55 minutes), it should be around 58 minutes to 1 hour 1 minute. Arrgh! What a waste!

The road was closed on one lane only so it was very tight as there were a lot of runners. I had hoped they would close at least two lanes but that wasn't the case here. We even went to a construction zone where we had to weave around the workers standing outside it (there were about 6-9 of them)! Some (but thank goodness not all) marshals let cars go FIRST before the runners so some people had to stop running and wait for 3-4 cars to pass by them before they can cross the street. First time that happened to me which kinda ruined the momentum I already had.

On a good side, the water stations were all in the right places and in the end, I looked at the bigger picture: that this race is for charity and therefore, for a good cause. But there is some room for improvement here in terms of race organization and hope they do so in their future races. Maybe get Coach Rio to run it???

GOAL: To finish under one hour and get Personal Best. Maybe I went under an hour. Maybe I didn't. I don't really know! At least I finished strong in that except for the three water breaks and that one time I couldn't cross the street, I ran all the way and didn't feel tired after the race. I just did my stretching after the race. No pictures from my camera as my car was parked far from the finish line and too lazy to get it and go back here.


I didn't want to be disappointed again so I made sure to be really really early today! Easy to find parking spot and went to the starting line. This time, I made sure to do all the things I missed yesterday: warm-up jog (first time I did this as usually saving all my energy for the race) and stetchings afterwards.
The 10K race started at 6:00AM via a gun shot into the air, but some marshals were waving their hands in the air trying to stop it. I think it had to do with a lot of runners not checking in yet for the race. But it was too late as the shot was fired and the runners were off! Determined to finish fast today and with yesterday's frustrations, I ran hard here. No pain in the legs so that was a good thing. And didn't feel any fatigue yet given I ran the day before. I pushed myself to run all the way in this race except for the few seconds at the water stations. I was quite happy in that the weather was nice and the course was flat most of the way.
GOAL: To beat last year's Animo Run finish time of 1 hour 7 minutes. YES, I BEAT THAT!

YESTERDAY'S RUN GOAL: To finish under one hour: I didn't know if I was able to do so in that run but today it's a confirmation! I finished at 59 minutes 10 seconds!!!

YESTERDAY'S ULTIMATE GOAL: To try get Personal Best time of under 58 minutes. Based on my Garmin, the distance for this race was at 10.29 KM. Upon reaching the 10.00KM distance, I checked my time to be at 57:35 minutes. My average pace for entire race was at 5 minutes 45 seconds, which was my target pace for yesterday's run. So, in a way, I also fulfilled this goal in that my 10km was under 58 minutes and got my target pace as well.


Met blogger High Altitude

10km Finishers: Jeanne, Janine+, me, Gigay

Running Bloggers Unite: Jinoe and Que of Takbo.Ph, Tech Spec, RunUnlimited, Nora the Golden Girl, High Altitude, Meek Runner

Janine with her brother in his first 10k run. With most siblings running already, how soon before mom and dad will join the running band wagon ?

Gym buddies and good friends Gigay and Meynard

Onward to new runs and to new challenges !!!!


Jinoe said...

Back to back races with sub-60. Ayos. Nice meeting you at the Animo run. Hope to see you again in future races.

Oh may utang pa ako sa yo. I would be working on it once the other one is finished. Almost there.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Jinoe, nice meeting you too! Good job on your website! No prob on the utang... anytime my good man :)

goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

Rico Villanueva said...

Nice work! The sub-60 mark is a 10k milestone. Congrats!

run unltd. said...

Congrats Dennis, that was a good run. Every hardwork is awarded and it is evidently shown by your improvement. Rest easy bro, meron pa tayo sa Milo. See you then.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you last sunday and congratulation on your sub 1 finish...

Anonymous said...

congrats dennis for your back to back runs and sub-60.

the meek runner said...

Hi Dennis,

congrats on your great finish!!! whohoo!!! sub 60!!!

it was nice meeting you, i thought you're really fat, hindi naman and tall boy lang

see you again in future races.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Rico, thanks thanks!

hi Vener, thanks bro. You're right we have milo pa... but mine is just 10k while yours is 42k!haha... good luck!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Jerry, It was nice chatting with you last Sunday. I will definitely keep on writing if you will keep on running! hehe.

hi Wilbert, thanks thanks! Baka nakatulong un training natin kay Rio... :)

hi Anna, thanks for the very nice compliments.. hehe. See you in the next races.

Tech Spec said...

Wow, you did 2 10Ks! I thought I was already crazy doing two consecutive 5Ks. But you did a really good feat, and you even achieved your goal and attaining a sub 60minute time. :) Congratulations Dennis. :)

Running Fatboy said...

hi Taki, Thanks bro! Saw you in both races nga. What are the odds we joined the same races in a weekend that had 4 runs. See you again.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, congrats on the back-to-backs and two sub-60s.

If running at Milo, good luck!

Nora, the golden girl said...

Anna was surprised to see a tall, very fit runner at the ANIMO Run who calls himself as the running fatboy. Actually, I was surprised too when I first saw you at the VSO.

Hats off to you and Taki! And for you, both 10k at sub 1 hour, you must be really proud of your achievement, Dennis.

Good luck in the Milo Race this Sunday. Full marathon ka na?

Running Fatboy said...

hi Wayne, Thanks! Yes, will run in Milo as one of the last races for the year.

hi Nora, Thanks Thanks! Maybe my height covered up my fats. haha. Yes, milo but just the 10k. See you again!

Jeanne said...

hi RFB, can you email the results of the Animo Run to me puhleeze =) (am tamad to google it hehe) thanks!