Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pictures from Sydney jog

Saw these parked ships at the harbour.

Road to Sydney's Botanical Garden.

Heading to the bridge. Nice view from harbour and lots of joggers here.

Sydney Opera House. Will go pass it to head for the Harbour Bridge.

Some morning runners at the pedestrian lane of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Different shot of same bridge.

View from the bridge. Lots of morning ferries already..

The other side of the bridge. My Turning point back to the apartment once I reached the bottom stairs. Yea!

Running back now. Felt some soreness in the knees but weather awesome as still pretty cool at about 8:30AM.

Lots of security cameras here.

Passed by Museum of Arts near Circular Quay as I head back home.

Nice big red tourist bus. One of my favorite shots in this run..

City View

Sydney's Iconic landmarks

Got a shot too care of some tourists here. Of course, I also took a picture of them. :)

Couldn't resist stopping by Harry' Cafe on Wheels for some of their Specialty meat pies. Good thing I stored some cash in my shoe wallet.

Heavy Breakfast of green peas, bread, mash potato and meat!
I loved the view so much that I was hoping to do a repeat of it but that didn't happen anymore. I did do a 9km run in Tasmania with my sister and brother in law for about an hour or so. Still, I had hoped I had done some more runs here. It is just sooooo hard to wake up early in the morning when you are in vacation mode. Oh well, at least I did fulfill my wish to run on the Sydney Harbour Bridge so that should be a good thing.
With only two run work outs in a span of two weeks, I dread how I am going to do in this Sunday's 15km run at Fort Bonifacio. Much worse will be the 25km run in Clark the following Sunday. Has this Running Fat Boy bitten off more than he can chew or will all these unused energy help save him on the long races??? We shall know soon enough....


janine+ said...

By the looks of things, you ran all over Sydney already! I think you'll do just fine in the coming runs. But maybe no more Coke for breakfast, huh? haha. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a view! That's the runner's high when your strong enough to enjoy running and looking at beautiful places!
Carolyn Ching

Running Fatboy said...

hi Janine+, but ice cold Coke is soooooo good! haha. I still don't know why we are doing the 25km! I hope we survive to talk about it! haha

hi Carolyn, congrats on your San Fran Half Marathon. I'm sure you got your runner's high all throughout that race..

run unltd. said...

Galing! I think this is the trend nowadays; RUN wherever you are. See you at VSO Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis. We will prevail in the 15K. With your trip to Sydney and my 16 hour flight from SF, neither of us have anything to lose. Let's go out and enjoy it! It will be fun. I'll see you Sunday!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Vener, i think you are right. It's like sightseeing and burning calories at the same time. What could be more awesome than that?

hi Wayne, hope you won't be too jetlagged when you arrive here for the race. See you in a couple o' days

Anonymous said...

All of you doing New Balance Good Luck! Wish I was there!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Too bad no Hobart ones.