Friday, November 7, 2008

The Numbers Game

1 year of running and I kept some of my race bibs.

How many of these races have you joined?

I first saw a picture of this at SFRunner's Blog:
Take a look there to see some of the races he joined in the USA.

As for me, this will just be my one year of running and had some personal achievements:

Fastest time for 3 mile: 26 minutes, 25 seconds at Pringles Run (May)

Fastest time for 10km: 58 minutes, 27 seconds at Dasma-Forbes Annual Run (June)

Fastest and only time for 11KM: 1 hour, 9 minutes, 17 seconds at Champion Marikina Run (May) dddd

Fastest and only time for 12KM (trail run): 1 hour, 23 minutes, 27 seconds at Menshealth All Terrain Race (June)


Fastest time for 15KM: 1 hour, 36 minutes, 46 seconds at Mizuno Run (Mar)

Fastest and only time for 16KM: 1 hour 38 minutes 10 seconds at La Salle Run (July)

Fastest and only time for 21KM: 2 hours 29 minutes 34 seconds at Borneo Run (October)

GO WILD! - my most unforgettable top 10 races

10. Run Along the River, Marikina: a definite change of scenery but doesn't make it easier as quite hot here when we ran. Still, it was nice to see some animal statues, the giant red shoe on the river, and a statue of Marikina here.

9. Takbo Breast Friend AND Exodus Run: mentioned this as always find ULTRA route the hardest of them all given the steep incline here. On a good side, it is just 10 minute drive from my place and given enough training here, you should be able to get a good finish time in the races at Fort Bonifacio or Luneta...

8. Milo Race: big crowd = bad finish time. Still, it was a fun run and great to be part of something you've always known but never imagined partaking.

7. Men's Health All- Terrain Race: running on rocky paths uphill and slippery grassy plains downhill was difficult but it was still a change of view that I liked. There should be more terrain running for a more outdoor-sy feeling.

6. Condura Race: First race I felt pampered as got a lot of goodies here. Love the freebies and shirt design was awesome! Lots and lots of water and sports drinks as well from what I remember. A very well organized race.

5. La Salle's Animo Run 10k: Animo La Salle! This was done in Mall of Asia grounds on a relatively flat course. I also did the La Salle 16km run in Fort Bonifacio with a good time (rain there helped remove the fatigue) and both races gave out very nice and comfortable singlets..

What set this 10km race apart from the 16km race were the Pep Squad Cheerleaders. The beating of the drums to the familiar tune of La Salle songs made me want to run faster and harder and gave me all the motivation I needed to finish the race. For the first time, they were cheering for us and it felt good to be on the receiving end of the cheer.

4. Men's Health Urbanathon 10k: The race that started the running addiction and pretty challenging too as had to do some obstacles before crossing the finish line. Never trained for anything as hard as I did for this race! I had to do some weight training as dreaded the 8 foot WALL! The souvenir photo c/o Timex was also awesome and to this day, it is put in my car's visor as a reminder of that day's run.

3. Borneo Half Marathon: My first half marathon (and farthest run) and only race outside the Philippines! Unfortunately, it was also the first time I "hit the wall" as suffered from heat in this country. Still, I was able to finish this race and get my first finisher medal. Singlet given out was one of my favorites. Buffet breakfast at hotel, relaxing at the pool and foot massages post-race don't hurt as well.

2. Nike+ Human Race: Fantastic as part of the biggest run in the world and liked it for all the goodies given out by Nike (Finisher Bracelet, magazine, Nike socks just to name a few). Best of all is that registration is free! So hyped up for this race that 4 of us even ordered the Official Race Shirt online!! Too bad, I can't join next year's race as my Nike+ sports band has gone to the graveyard..

1. PMI Proudly 60 Race: A race in U.P. with ample water, and singlet given out at the registration. What makes this run memorable was on a personal level: it was the first 10k race that Per and I finished together by running side by side all throughout the race.

What made it even more special is a change of status quo for both of us just 24 hours prior to said race.

TOTAL DISTANCE: 265 KM is the magic number for all the races I have joined in a span on one year. This does not include the training at the gym or the jogging outdoors. Looking to run faster, further, and wilder as I go on my second year of running...


runningshield said...

congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. thats a lot of races for a year you have joined. and yes keep all your race no. write the date and the time you finished at the back.
i still have my race no's as far back as 1980.

Anonymous said...

I've only kept one race bib I think! Oh, well it was the most fun one so I figured that was a keeper. Go, go, go!!!

run unltd. said...

Congratulations Dennis, I have my race bib numbers compiled too. Memories of our achievements. I'm sure hanggang sa pagtanda dala-dala ko na to. Let's continue piling up the numbers. See you.

enrico said...

wow, congrats. i hope to join at least half of the races na natapos mo within a year.

today was heartbreaking kse the vso bahaginan run should have been my third race at late na ko nagising. another booboo was signing for the unicef run na ksabay pla ng animo run. sayang, was looking forward to join that race. nakalimutan ko nov 23 pla un. neway, balitaan mo na lng ako schoolmate kung mka join ka. hehe. animo la salle! :9

Running Fatboy said...

hi runningshield, wow, that is a huge collection of race numbers!! How do you organize it?

hi Carolyn, guess one is better than none. :)

hi Vener, you are right. Let's hope we keep on continuing our running passion!

hi Enrico, that is indeed unfortunate that you missed VSO's run. The weather was nice and there were lots of water stations there so you would have enjoyed it.