Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Balance Power Race - Day 2

The 25KM New Balance Power Race will be the farthest I have ever run. So there is a fear on whether I can finish this at a good time or suffer in the race like I did at my first half marathon experience in Borneo a month ago. Joining me in this journey will be Janine+ in her first 25KM run too. In the 10Km category will be Per and Jeanne.

We got here about 5:15AM and had enough time for the 25KM race which had a minor delay and started around 5:45AM. 10KM runners started their race about 10 minutes after the 25KM race.

It was raining a little bit when we got to the starting point so there were some questions on whether we should wear our IPODS and Nike+ Sportsband for this race given their non- water proof qualities. We decided to still wear them and good thing too as rain was light enough and didn't last that long. The weather was quite good and cool all the way so that helped a lot for the first timers (read: me) doing a run here.

Every 2KM or so, there is a water station and bottles are handed out to each runner. No fear of dehydration whatsoever. The KM markers are put in correctly with pretty cool slogans from New Balance such as: XOXO Running, Running is your Best Friend with Benefits, Love/Hate Running, Running Misses you, etc. so that was a welcome distraction from torture of running. Hehe.

The landscape at Clark was pretty awesome too as we went through a lot of green fields (with carabaos), outside Fontana Resort and our course was covered with trees for the shade we crave. There were some uphill climbs as well but manageable as not too inclined.

For my own run, I started really slow. I was at the end of the pack when the race began but didn't really care because of the chip timer and didn't want to tire myself out at the first half. As I headed to the 12.5km marker, I saw a lot of runners heading back already. Vener was there and gave me a thumbs up, Runner Jun who was saying not to run too fast as there will be uphill climbs going back, Rio who gave me a high five, Baldrunner and Bullrunner with their running groups and Jinoe of Takbo.ph who seems to be having a good time as he was smiling when I saw him.

It was a slow jog up to the halfway mark to which I started running faster a little bit. I was quite happy in that the only times I stopped to walk were at the water stations. This being my first 25km run, it automatically becomes a Personal Record so I didn't focus on the fast race mode and just concentrated on finishing this race.

My target time was at 3 hour 15 minutes so I was happy that I finished at 3:03:26 (according to my Garmin) with distance of 25.13 km. What really made my day was that I did not feel tired at all so I was smiling once I neared the finish line. It was also the first time I took a Powergel at mid-point (courtesy of my sister) so that must have helped as well.

No blisters and chafing for me post-race but my shoulders were in pain after surpassing the 12.5km. Problem could have been my running form and I hope to get more information on this in the Nike Training programs to which I registered for.

Janine, Per, Gigay and Jeanne all did well in their respective runs. Unfortunately, Kervin who registered for the 10km race couldn't join due to a small ankle sprain. But he was still game to wake up early and join us as our unofficial photographer and his pictures (see below) are FANTASTIC! Big Thanks Kerv! Our best running photos yet!!!


Jinoe said...

Hi RFB, I knew I saw you near the turnaround point. Congrats on finishing the race. Next year uli.

Rico Villanueva said...

Congratulations on finishing the 25K run. Cool photos too. From fellow fatboy, Rico.

schlagger said...

congrats on your first 25k rfb... kulit ng pics nyo. hehe. :)

janine+ said...

Yay! =)

Johnny Sy said...

Congratulations RFB!!! Too bad we didn't have a chance to meet up -- would have loved to meet you and all of your gang. I'm sure there will be a chance at another race. Great pics!

run unltd. said...

Hey Dennis, that was a great race. And you had a great finish too. I saw the pride in your face during the run and was evident also in your pics. Congratulations, man! Keep it up.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Jinoe, Thanks for that. Good thing weather was perfect for us!

hi Rico, haha. Hope you enjoyed your NB Power Race as well. :)

hi Schlagger, O nga eh. Minsan minsan lang mey photographer sa group! Dapat sulitin!

hi Janine+, what's next for us??? Hmmmm...

hi Johnny, hope to meet you in the future races.

hi Vener, thanks! Your thumbs up at mid-point race helped build up my strength for the final stretch.

Anonymous said...

Hi RFB, congratulations on completing your 25k! Given how much you've been running, you should be thinking of a new name for your blog soon :-)

Hope to meet you in the future races.

Anonymous said...

Dennis. congratulations on the 25K finish. You're a warrior on what was a challenging course. Also, good meeting you.

Good luck this coming weekend and will see you in 2009!

Running Fatboy said...

hi runningdatcom,
thanks for your words of encouragement. Hope to see you too.

hi Wayne, it was great meeting you too in the two races you joined here in Manila. Take care

Jeanne said...

all those activities plus the Rihanna/Chris Brown concert to boot. super fun-filled weekend! =)

Running Fatboy said...

hi Jeanne, let's plan for another one!