Friday, November 21, 2008

In Running, Have You Ever....

1. Ran Bandit? That is running in a race but without registering for it?

2. Ran using some one else's race number?

3. Quit a race?

4. Thought of quitting running altogether?

5. Missed a race due to alarm not going off?

6. Dreamt missing a race due to alarm not going off but in reality, you still woke up too early?

7. Crawled to the Finish Line? Or worse, fainted/ collapsed upon reaching finish line?

8. Felt good after a race, went home to take a shower and shouted at all the cuts you suddenly had all over your body? (Chafing)

9. Cheated on a race course by cutting short at turning point instead of running further ahead?

10. Panicked in a race looking for the nearest portalet? And possibly getting goosebumps all over your body

11. Hit a fellow runner in a race by stretching your arms?

12. Hit the "Wall"? Suffering during a race and thinking over and over as to why you joined it in the first place

13. Sang loudly as you listened to your IPOD or grunted loudly that runners in front of you turned to look where the sound was coming from?

14. Raced barefooted?

15. Worn wrong pair of shorts and it just keeps falling off when you run?

16. Registered for the 5km race but come race day, ran the 10km instead or vice-versa?

17. Cut in front of somebody else at the water station?

18. Threw out your paper cup/ water bottle and it hit another runner?

19. Went outside your house on race day to find out that it is raining really hard but still decided to go to the race no matter what? (Don't forget to bring your swim goggles)

20. Ran with your pet?

Some I've done, some my friends and family have done and some I have seen being done or heard about. Just some of the stories that come with running.


Anonymous said...

#s 10 and 19 I've done already.

#10 in Adidas KOTR (t'was really horrible!) and I resolved from then on to do a toilet visit before any race. MUST MUST.

#19 in Davies Run, which was my first ever road race - memorable eh! It was a wetwet running!

janine+ said...

Ooh, are we playing this (Have you ever/I have never) game? May shots? hehe.

ibetlacbay said...

#6 - madalas ito specially sa mga most anticipated races. i sometimes dream na naiwan ko yung race bib number.

#12 - last NB Power Race when I was running alone on that uphill part!

#19 - Market!Market! run, One LaSalle and the wetest of them all Milo Marathon Manila eliminations!

Jeanne said...

#6 - just last night, i dreamt that i was so late for tomorrow's Animo Run, i even caused other runners to be late too. but you weren't in it so don't worry. hehe.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the classic being picked up and carried away by ambulance and the paramedics giving you 'tuyo'! I still don't understand the reasoning there except it's cheap and it's what's available. See you at the Yakult 10 miler eek that's 16km!!! Go, go, go!!!

Running Fatboy said...

For me personally, its
#6: So many times I've lost count!!

#8: yep one time is one time too many!

#10: made it just in time! and finished the race too! haha!

#12: yes, once. Trauma still there..

#15: banned that for running. it starts falling off after 10km.

#19: La Salle run.

schlagger said...

03... always at halfway through a race. (unless it's just 5k)

05... lotsa times. so now i have two alarms. haha.

12... just once - my first 21k, which also happened to be my first road race.

19... i normally shy away from rain, but orofols caught me offguard.

janine+ said...

3. Just recently ran(?) my Run of Shame. Boo.
8. Stupid fake iPod arm band. And now it has fallen apart na...
11. Oops. Not once, but always. hahaha.
12. There is no wall, there is no wall... sometimes the mantra doesn't work though.
14. Does beach running count?
19. Looove running in the rain!
20. Dogs are my favorite running accessory.

Nat said...

#10. Think managed my PB here running past the finish line straight to the loo!