Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RFB's November Records (and other news)

November 2008 is a busy month for me and will go down in my books as The Month ...

1. I've ran the farthest in a single race via the NEW BALANCE 25KM POWER RACE. I can finally say I ran more than a Half- Marathon.... by 4KMs! Haha!

2. I've done my first Back-to-Back 10k race. Two 10k races in two consecutive days is a big accomplishment for this Running FATBOY ! And at a good time for me as well. :)

3. With the above three races for total of 45KM plus the VSO Bahaginan Race at start of month with distance of 15KM, this is also the month I've had the most/farthest races with Total Race distance at 60KM!!!

A pretty good start for my 2nd year of running but that's not all...

Upon testing my girlfriend if she wants to do a race after her New Balance 10k, she immediately said yes to it and so here I am for my final run for the month of November:

It's back to Ground Zero (KM Marker that is) for us as we head on to Luneta Park on Roxas Blvd. for the Milo Finals on Nov. 30th. Nope, we won't do the Full Marathon but just the 10km. Still, if I finish the race, that would extend my month's race distance to a total of 70 KM, a number I don't think I can beat..... EVER !!!
Since this will be Per's final race for 2008, I have agreed to accompany her all throughout the 10k course. This will be only be our second time running together (PMI Proudly 60 Run was the first) so our Goal is to beat our Couple P.R. Time of 1 hour 18 minutes with an ultimate goal of 1 hour 10 minutes.
For the Milo Race, there are 3k, 5k and 10k categories but think they may cap it to a maximum of 2,000 participants so better hurry if you want to join this race!
Registration for the Milo Race is now on-going in Vasquez Madrigal Plaza Bldg., 51 Annapolis St. in Greenhills, San Juan. Incidentally, they also have registrations there for the Yakult 10-miler race on Dec 7 to which I have also joined for.
Other NEWS:
1. New Balance has extended its promo to all NB Power Race runners in Clark two weeks ago. If you bring your bib to New Balance stores and select Planet Sports branches, you will get 20% off all regular item (new and old). So you can buy singlets, shorts, bag, socks, shoes, arm bands, etc. The downside: they will take your souvenir bib! Awwwwww! This promo is only up to November 30th and we were informed by the staffs of NB Store in Glorietta when we went there last Saturday.
2. Nike Sportsband: gave up on this product already but Nike was kind enough to have us exchange it for items in their store. So it's like free shopping for Per and me. WOO HOO!!!
3. Nike Training with Coach Rio: Wow, this is sooooo hard for me but as the saying goes "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Haha! Harder than the race itself which is a good thing ...I think. Hehe. They were kind enough to even bring two boxes of bottled water for the runners who need it. Good turn out when we went there last night and session yesterday had lots of speed drills, stretches and core work. A very successful training program. Thanks Nike! Thanks Rio and to the other coaches! Hope there will be more like this come 2009!


Rico Villanueva said...

Dami ng accomplishments ah. Pa-cheeseburger ka naman.

run unltd. said...

Congrats Dennis. As the saying goes, everything is possible, kaya, keep on piling the mileage. Good luck sa inyo ni Per, keep on running. See you in Milo.

janine+ said...

I agree, Rico! Cheeseburger... Cheeseburger... Cheeseburger...

Running Fatboy said...

hi Rico and Janine+, last I check, this blog isn't called! Hahaha! Take care and see you in the next run

hi Vener,
Thanks! Or as Adidas would say, "Nothing is impossible". Ingatz.

Anonymous said...

next record for december ay personal records naman. nike - just do it!

Running Fatboy said...

Hi Wilbert, di na ata kaya un. Fun run na lang! haha!