Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RFB's New Challenge!

After surviving the 25km New Balance Power Race, Running FatBoy has a new challenge to himself:

Can he run two 10km races in two days and still maintain a good finish time for both of them????

This will be another running weekend for me as I will be joining two races in the Metro Manila area.

First is the RACE FOR LIFE 10km event happening on November 22, 2008 at Fort Bonifacio (6:00AM). This will be my first ever race on a Saturday (so even without the 2nd race, I will still be doing something new). I have registered for this online just last week and went to Nike Store in Podium today to claim my race kit. Online registrations have been closed but I think forms are still available in selected Nike Stores. Entry fee is at Php 250.

My goal in this race is to finish race at most at an hour with ultimate goal of trying to go under the very elusive 58 minutes. But with my body still recovering from NB Power Race, I doubt this will be achieved. Still, I like a challenge no matter how hard it may be.

The second race will be held the following day for the DLSU ANIMO RUN. Having done this race last year with fellow running friends Janine and Jeanne, I aim to beat my previous record of 1 hour 7 minutes. This race will be done in MOA at 6:00AM. Challenge here is whether I can still run fast given I just ran hard 24 hours ago.

Both 10km races will do two loops in their respective 5km courses.

Whether I attain my goals or not, I know I will still be having a good time in both these races.

Animo Run 2007:

I remember last year having a really hard time finishing this race after doing Menshealth Urbanathon just a week ago and telling Janine that we should never do a back-to- back weekend race as it's just too difficult. Look who's eating his words now! ME!

Race For Life race kit includes DVD, map, race number and baller ID. Unfortunately, the baller ID is a little too tight for this FAT BOY'S fat wrist but it's for a good cause so all is forgiven. :)

More details on each race on their websites. Just click links above.


run unltd. said...

Kaya mo yan RFB. Kita tayo sa Animo.

Anonymous said...

nice meeting you kanina sa Nike Clinic! sabi nga ni Vener, kaya mo yan. :)

janine+ said...

And the answer is... OF COURSE YOU CAN! =) Go, RFB! Go Green! Whoo-hoo!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Vener, thanks for vote of confidence! haha

hi Wilbert, nice meeting you last night. You guys are supersonic fast! Never felt so hungry before. haha. See you again next Tuesday.

hi Janine, ANIMO LA SALLE! :)

Johnny Sy said...

Hi RFB!!! Looks like you'll be busy and stretched this weekend -- palitan mo na ang tagline mo -- di ka na mataba!!! Good luck with your runs. Unfortunately, I'll be out of commission this weekend because of commitments. Enjoy the runs!! Animo La Salle!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Johnny, Sayang you can't run this weekend. I might offset this back to back race by having no race the following week.

run unltd. said...

Hey Dennis, there's Milo. Remember your story, bring it on!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Vener, me and Per might actually do the 10k at Milo seeing as it is a long weekend pala. Good luck on your Milo race! I know you will make Christy proud. :)