Friday, March 13, 2009

TOP 10 things I HATE about Running!

10. Waking up so early in the morning when everybody else is still asleep. Making an effort to get out of bed and knowing if you don't do it soon, the sun will rise and burn you up! SIZZLE!

9. Bad finish time at a race even with all the preparations (slept early night before, ate enough, training programs).
8. Running out of water when you need it the most and realizing you have another 3km to the next water station.

7. Chaffing, blisters and dead toe nails !

6. Hitting the Wall !

5. Fear that your heart will not able to take it anymore and just giving up on you. Same with lungs especially if you find that you are gasping for air (like a fish out of water).
4. Doing a long run (anything more than 15km). Feel like a hamster running inside a neverending wheel except said wheel is a road.
3. Still not losing weight even after all this sufferings. Probably due to "rewarding" myself after a hard run by eating bulalo, sisig, crispy pata, chicken, barbeque, kare-kare, and 1/2 cup of rice (carbo conscious kasi... haha).

2. Feeling a number 2 with no toilet in sight. Practice butt cheek clenching and getting goosebumps all over your body. Start PRAYING. HARD.

1. Getting injured - be it the knees, shin, calves, hips, and even the plantas fac#$%# ! Waiting game to get healed, all the while getting fatter eating junk food.


Jinoe said...

Well said. Sabi nga ng commercial: Running is a LOVE/hate relationship.

Rico Villanueva said...

I can relate well to difficulty waking up, poor race times despite preparation, not losing weight, and getting injured! I hope you do not have that fasciitis thing. It is such a pain in the heel!!!

Isipin mo na lang lahat ng mga ito ay character-building. Haha :-)

Johnny Sy said...

We all share the same sentiments. I particularly emphatized with the comment about not losing weight!!! I know I'm getting fitter and tighter but, for the love of God, I can't get my weight to drop!!! Oh well, as long as we all stay healthy enough to continue running, that's what's important!!! Keep on running bro!!

carlo said...

same here, bro. i love this post. but it's okay, it's all for the love of the sport. :)

oh, please add me to your blogroll.