Thursday, March 26, 2009

TOP 10 things I LOVE about running

10. Make you seem smart with new word jargons - impress your friends with words like Tempo Run, FARTLEK, Lactic Acid, Race pace, over/ underpronator, Stability shoes, Chafe, etc. Haha! Pathetic reason I know!

9. Cheapest exercise - all you need is a good pair of running shoes to start this.

Of course, once you've become addicted to this sport (like I have), your expenses will start to grow as you buy new clothes (dri-fit shirts/singlets, running shorts, socks), buy your 2nd/3rd pair of shoes, new tech stuff (Nike+, Garmin, Phiten, heart monitor, timer watch), join new races (and pay entry fees), buy energy food/drinks (Gatorade, Power Beans, GU, jelly beans, Pocari Sweat), and other whatnots (sunglasses, caps, bodyglide, Petroleum jelly, Runnersworld magazine) all designed to make you go faster (DAW!).

No wonder this is at my 9th place! ;)

8. Best Exercise there is - According to the doctor I went to before. Of course, he might be biased as he is also a runner. Hehe! Helps to prolong one's life, be healthier and improves your heart and lungs. What could be better to this? Our body is our temple after all!

7. Allow you for some buffet eating, midnight snacks and drinking binge once in a while without gaining much weight. Best way to do this is after a good exercise so you can offset the calories gained with the calories burned.

6. Be part of something BIG. This is for any of the races you've joined so far - be it a crowd of 5,000 to 8,000 people or even up to 50,000 (if in other countries like Singapore, HK, USA). YOU are a part of this and YOU will all do the same thing for the next 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 6- 8 hours of your life (depending on what race you've joined), which brings me to my next reason....

5. Crossing the finish line! To be able to finish a race is a personal accomplishment in itself and a test of one's character in terms of perseverance, determination and strong will.

4. Crossing the finish line AND getting a Finisher Medal. Not all races offer this but this is rewarding for me in that it reflects your accomplishment for that day. In lieu of finisher medal, some races offer finisher shirts, loot bags and energy drinks at the finish line. Of course, race kits also offer singlets to be worn at races. The more items, the merrier!!

3. Runner's HIGH! No muscle pain and No illegal drugs (that's a different kind of HIGH!). No burning out and still finished strong. This is good in building your confidence in tackling future road races.

2. Getting a new PR (Personal Record) or PB (Personal Best). Whether it be a longer distance or a faster time, a PR is achieved with you trying to beat against your own finish time and where every second counts! TICK TOCK! TICK TOCK!!

1. Meet new friends. I have met some very nice and friendly people through the road races, through the blogs and through the Nike clinics. All come from different walks of life but one common thing we all share - and that is the passion for RUNNING. They are all inspiring when you see them in the races and motivate you to just keep on running!

For list of TOP 10 things I HATE about running, click this LINK


22loy said...

Generic comment: Dennis, didn't realize you were that serious about running!


Hhmm not really a cheap... expensive hahaha... nice post! I was really smiling reading No. 9

janine+ said...

Pre and post run carbo-loading. Yay! =)