Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Matter of Perception

In running, we get frustrated when

1) we did not finish a race
2) our trainings get sidetracked due to sickness or injury
3) we don't get a new PR eventhough we worked hard for it
4) a race is cancelled
5) we aren't getting faster anymore
6) we "hit the wall"
7) we are tired so soon and knowing we still have xxx number of miles to go
8) the race distance is shorter than promised or we don't get the singlet size as promised or when they ran out of finisher medals or water
9) we see a fellow runner cheating in a race

These are very small things in the grand scheme of things. I too, have felt this frustration before. But this is nothing compared to losing your home, your shelter, your FAMILY MEMBER, your money, your savings. That happened to a lot of my friends when just a week ago we were all fine.

Sometimes, it takes a disaster to make us appreciate our lives more. To recognize the blessings that God has given us. To see what is important to us. To be strong in the face of adversity and not lose hope and faith. Let us help and support one another in this trying times. Let us share our blessings.

Below is a letter from Coach Rio (taken from website):

Dearest Friends,

Marikina City has been my home for most of my life and it fills me with great sadness to witness and experience first-hand, the tragic events that occurred over the past weekend. In one sweep, many lost their homes and the lives they’ve always known. Some have to deal with the painful loss of friends and loved ones in the midst of the tragedy that struck our beloved city. Now, more than ever, I’ve realized how fleeting and fragile life can be. And despite both of my cars needing major repairs and the first floor of our house looking like a huge mess due to the flood waters that ravaged our subdivision, I am still better off than most of people in our neighborhood. As I stood on top of a rock outside our house surrounded by a raging stream of flood water, seeing the far worse conditions experienced by my neighbors, I remember telling myself that it doesn’t matter anymore if Typhoon Ondoy takes away my Speed Racer and Bubble Bee and suck them completely under water. Losing my precious cars is nothing compared to the suffering that other people went through, some of which I painfully saw with my own eyes. It was truly heart-breaking and I can’t help but be thankful that I am still one of the luckier ones.

In line with the surge of relief operations from kind-hearted and selfless souls all over the Metro, the 2009 Timex Run will be accepting donations in cash and in kind, to aid our displaced brothers and sisters in Marikina City during their time of need. To start the ball rolling, the 2009 Timex Run has decided to allot a portion of the event’s proceeds to the affected Marikina residents. I am also donating 40 sacks of rice and about 700 singlets to several barangays within Marikina City, but more help is needed to reach as many victims as possible. Items such as ready-to-eat food, rice, noodles, potable water, clothes, blankets, beddings, towels, and other basic necessities will go a long way to help our fellow Filipinos get back on their feet. Volunteers are also more than welcome to offer their time and energy to help pack relief goods and distribute them to the different barangay halls and evacuation centers in Marikina.All 2009 Timex Run registration sites will be accepting your generous donations. I am also opening my home at 46 D. Macapagal St. Vista Valley Subdivision, Sto. Nino, Marikina City, if you wish to send them in bulk.

All participants, including friends and family, are invited to the distribution of relief goods on November 15, 2009, 1:00pm, at the different barangay halls and evacuation centers in the hardest hit areas in Marikina. These include:

Industrial Valley
Sto. Nino
Sta. Elena
San Roque

Thank you so much for your willingness to help us reach out to the countless victims plagued by Typhoon Ondoy. May God bless your homes and keep you safe. More power to the running community!

Sincerely,Rio De La CruzTimex Ambassador/ Race Director2009 Timex Run

Run Radio will also accept donations as well as various churches, schools, restaurants, etc.


22loy said...

Bat November 15 pa?

Running Fatboy said...

maybe to give more time for people to donate goods to them...