Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Milo Finals 21k (Oct 11, 2009) - Post Race

I registered for this for two reasons:

1. I needed to do a long run with a total distance of 32km

2. The race I originally registered for: Celebrity Run 21km, moved its race to December 20th. And I still need to look for another race with a 21km distance, hence the Milo 21km.

Per ran out of 10km slots here and rather than registering for the 21km and having a DNF record, we decided instead to run early morning before the start of the 21km. Jason wanted to join as well and at 4:30AM, we've parked at our spot and started our runs. We ran along Roxas Blvd till the 3.5km, then ran back to the starting line.

Unfortunately, before we could reach the starting line, the 21km runners were off. We were so late! Good thing, this was the first time Milo used Chip Timer technology (care of Rio) and still maintained its registration price of Php 150! So, there is no pressure for me to chase after the runners knowing that I can see my results in net time or Gun time.

By the time I've started, there were only a handful of runners on the course. Most were late comers like my friends Rico and Neil and I had a blast hanging out with Rico at the early part of the run.

There were ample Gatorade and water stations and I noticed how long the tables were and that there were appropriate trash cans to throw away your paper cups once you've used them. The weather was perfect and as in previous runs, I liked the flat course in this race.

So far so good!

By 10km of the race, I took out my first GU and finished it. I kept running at a steady pace.

Things were on my side as got the cheap NB 903 shoes that Neil bought for me and the not so cheap compression pants I bought at Runnr store in Fort Bonifacio. Both items never worn before. Both needed for my November 8th Full Marathon. Both used that Sunday as a test run, no pun intended.

Along Buendia, I met the very cheerful people of Rainier and Takbo.ph and their cheers uplifted my spirits and made me smile. I got a cup of oranges and continued my run to the turning point, to which I came back to the aids station and got myself a cup of bananas. Que and Jinoe, good job! You guys deserve a pat on your backs for the efforts you made to make sure each runner feel they could finish their individual races.

I got back to Roxas Blvd., expecting to get tired anytime now. After all, this was what happened to me at the last Milo Half marathon so it's likely to happen again. Anytime now... 4km to go... its coming when you least expect it... 3.5km to go... took my 2nd GU reserve knowing I still had to run an additional 4km after the racce.... 2km to go.... wow, it is so near and I feel strong... I'VE NEVER FELT STRONG RUNNING THIS DISTANCE!....1km to go... I see the place where the race started...500meters... Turning point away from Roxas and heading into Quirino Grandstand... Crossing finish line! Awesome! The tiredness did not come!

My 21km race was my worst time ever at 2:33:40 (with pace of 7:17). Even compared at the last Milo 21km where I burned out and ran-walked the last 3km, this race was even slower than that one. But I didn't care as I have completed 28km and not yet sore or tired. Another 30 minutes went by running the last 4km and for some reason I was still strong. It was my worst 21km performance but my BEST 32km performance and that is the important thing here.

Factors that helped me were of course, the new pants and shoes. I loved the pants. Wearing it the entire time, my socks were dry for the first time (and hence no blisters) and no knee pains at all. Very worth my investments into it. Big thanks also to Alvin for giving me a target pace, letting me have my rest days and for letting me know how valuable a Negative split is. Thanks to Per and Jason for the company pre-race and to Sheerwill for the compny during the race. All of you guys made this my best 32km long run experience so far.

Another bonus - fast race results with my gun time in line with my Garmin and the tons of free photos by Photovendo. I got 40 shots! Wow!!! Also liked the gift packs they gave at the finish line. For Php 150, this is the best race in terms of value of money. Since I started running, I haven't missed a Milo Manila race and looking at keeping that tradition going forward!

Very happy in this race! The opposite to what I felt at the last Milo race.

Fun chatting with Sheerwill

Few meters from the finish line.

Performers at the Milo stage

Neil's first 21km run! Keep on running my friend..

The support of THE Mrs. Even knowing I had to do a long run, she still chose to accompany me at the race and read a book while I finish my task. Thanks Per! That meant a lot to me :)

'till the next race - QC in a few days. See you there!


run unlimited said...

You looked good in your compression, I guess that spelled the difference. You're getting there I know. Good luck on your next full. Regards to Per.

Rico Villanueva said...

Hey RFB, nice running and chatting with you on the first 4kms. I could have hanged on but I thought I was slowing you down for your long run. Like you, it was my worst time for a 21K (because I had a tough race the day before), but while I was slow, I was in high spirits and not tired throughout the run.

Good luck again on your marathon!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Vener, thanks for the vote of confidence :)

hi Rico, I had a blast my friend. Let's do this again soon!

Anonymous said...

Dennis, congrats on Milo and good luck at QC!

I don't know if I'll be running the SF Half because of a possible work schedule conflict (I now work at Merell in Union Square in downtown SF) but I'll meet with you, Per and Wilbert on Saturday night beforehand for pasta. I'll know more early next week prior to the marathon. If you have a chance, please send me an e-mail or I'll contact you and Wilbert.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Wayne, Thanks! Looking forward to SFO! Hope it's not too cold though. Hehe

Gingerbreadman said...

It was nice to see you Dennis, cracking a joke or two while me and Jinoe were cleaning up the trash in Buendia ahha. No worries about the time, important thing is you put in your long run and you had a good time :)

BigBen said...

yuo look hot on tights :-)

Running Fatboy said...

hi Luis, nice to see you guys too. Had a blast passing by your aid station.

Hi Benny, thanks ( i think). hehe