Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marathon # 3: C E B U !!! - Part 01

Ramblings on the Cebu Weekend getaway from January 8th - 10th , 2010


Arrived in Cebu. Took taxi to our hotel. Checked in at Waterfront Lahug. Rooms weren't ready yet so looked for a place to eat. Saw the I.T. Park right outside our hotel. Is this where the Starting line will be?

Had oh-so-yummy lunch at a local restaurant here. Start of Carbo loading. Starbucks desserts after. They had different flavors from the ones in Manila. The cheesecake just melts in your mouth. The chocolate cake was so rich. So delicious we bought all four different slices of cakes plus two doughnuts too! But didn't feel guilty as had a super long run in two days time. Don't know about our other friends though. Haha.

Met our other two friends who took the later flight from Manila. Got our nice rooms and ventured out to Ayala Center to claim our race kits.

We saw the set-up being done for the Carbo loading Party. No race kit collections here. Finally found it on the 2nd floor. So many sport stores here: RUNNR, ROX, Adidas, Nike, etc. Oh what fun to explore each one (which we did and I bought a cap for myself).

We got our race kits quickly. For our group, Per and Blanche will go for the 5km race while Janine, Dave and myself will do the 42km event. It will be Janine and Dave's first full marathon (Yehey!) and I was game to join them (or else regret for not joining it nevermind the stupid injury I have on my left heel).

The ladies had fun at....


Does anyone know where it is? Clue No. 1 - it is found in Ayala Center, Cebu. Clue No. 2 - it is worth P300+. Clue No. 3 -it can feed 5-6 pax (and yes, we finished it)!!!!
Future models of this magazine? I wanted to pose but I think there was a sign somewhere that said "NO PREGNANT MEN ALLOWED".

The very nice shirt from Island Souvenir for Php 250. Too bad we forgot to buy this shirt and by the time we remembered, they have taken out the booth at the race! GRRRR!!!
If anyone knows how to contact the seller/ organizer, I have 3 pax willing to buy these shirts :)
Just let me know.

Dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Very filling and yogurt for dessert. Met Luis, Rico and some more of the Takbo.ph runners looking for a dessert place too.

Back to Ayala Center. Met again Luis, Carlo, Rico and the fast 42km runners. Met them again a couple of times (ate at the same dessert place as they did). Had the burger (from the picture above) with the ribs (which looked like appetizer next to the Burgerzilla).
Too full to have dinner. Early to bed for early to rise the next day!

To be continued....


Anonymous said...

I guess you got the Burgerzilla at "Bigby's". How come we did not see you in Cebu?

Regards Mark & Tiffin

Running Fatboy said...

hi Mark & Tiffin, maybe we just took so long to finish the race? hehe. NOpe not at Bigbys but nice guess. :)

22loy said...

You look pretty trim for a pregnant man. I look more preggy than you.

Gingerbreadman said...

Congratulations on your marathon finish Dennis!Hope you, Per and Janine had a blast! We kept on eating hehe. Hey sirit na where is this burgerzilla found haha :)

Running Fatboy said...

hi 22loy, it's because the photo was zoomed out. haha

hi Gingerbreadman, thought you would know as you seem to know all the food places in Cebu. haha. Nice to see you again. Go PR

janine said...

And still no answer for Gingerbreadman. Looks like Running Fatboy wants to keep his fattening spots a secret... ;)

We had a blast, Luis! It was great to meet everyone from takbo.ph!

Running Fatboy said...

good strong finish for you Janine! 84km next

Anonymous said...

i think it's in Casa Verde..