Monday, March 22, 2010

Globe- Ayala Run For Home 21km

Another 21km race for Per. But this won't be a regular thing. I would think this would be her last 21km given the arrival of the scorching Summer heat... and boy was it HOT!!!

Even with the race start at 5:20am, we can feel the humidity in the air. A change of race course to head towards Heritage Park adds to the challenge of finishing this race. Too bad it didn't go through the Makati Business District like last year's Globe Run for Home. There goes our potential Couple PR!

The race started on time (thanks to my sister for picking us up as parking would be another hassle I didn't want to deal with) and we were off. I liked how we went to Greenbelt area as this was the first time a race was held here.

It was hot and humid but good thing there were ample sports drink and water here (4 tables for each water station). Running in Makati with no sun was the easy part. The real challenge was going through Heritage Park under the blazing sun with no shade, climbing out of Lawton Avenue and going back to Buendia Flyover to climb it again! 8AM here felt like 12NN given the extreme hot weather. But we endured and kept on going... never mind the fact that there were times we were walking already. Our goal from Couple PR reverted to finishing this race.

And finish it we did! At a time of 3:01++ but with a distance of 21.8km (according to Garmin), it comes up as Per's longest distance yet! Now, all she had had to do is to run 20.4km more to complete a full marathon! (Like that would happen!)

Still had a load of fun running with my wife for 3 hours and looking forward to doing it again and again and again and....

Run toward the butterflies!

Is it time to make a right turn now for sundaes and refreshing cool drinks? HMMMM.....

Dead tired but won't quit yet! That's the spirit!

Plastic cups littered everywhere. Need to hydrate!!!

Per getting her second wind...for a strong finish!

Yay for free drinks, shade and no more running! Can't wait to go home!


22loy said...

Is that Nat in the dark blue (?)/light blue short-sleeved shirt? My derma-sis sells this Sun something long-sleeved shirt, for sun protection, meant for outdoor sports like biking, etc.

Running Fatboy said...

hi 22loy, yes that is my sister Nat. If I am not mistaken, she is wearing Skins clothes. Think that can be found at Runnr Store in Fort Bonifacio

ibetlacbay said...

Per - mag marathon ka na! haha

Anonymous said...

Wilbert - i still couldn't see myself training for a full marathon! Unless maybe the medal is diamond studded. hahahaha -per

thesolemates said...

the heat sure was a big challenge. congrats dennis and per! having fun is all that matters. Keep running! -Jun & Mariel