Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1 Long Weekend = 2 Road Races

Luckily it's a holiday for May 03,2010 (Monday) as have two races for this weekend. I don't know how I would fare as haven't been running lately so will just go for these races for the fun experience involved (if your definition of fun is same as mine - waking up super early ON A WEEKEND, sweating it out on a hot summer day, gasping for air, feeling pain in the knees and heels, getting tired, burning out, craving for water -you're a sadistic son of a %$%^% like I am).

I have only done one back to back race before and it was so long ago that I had to check my records when that was (July 11 - 12, 2009 - the only time it happened..)

This will officially be my first 5km so it's an automatic PR regardless if I finish below 30 minutes, below 35 minutes or even below 60 minutes. Definitely no pressure!

On the Second day, I will wake up early again. This time for my first race in Alabang. Route seems interesting as never ran here before (race or otherwise). And it will be a walk (or run) down memory lane as only a few meters away from the race route will be my Grade and High School Alma Mater.

And on the third day? Most likely a marathon... A DVD Marathon that is! :)

See you soon!

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