Sunday, May 9, 2010

RUNew Alabang 16k Race

It was a wonderful day at Alabang for Per and me as we decided to make it a field trip seeing as there's no work the following day. We brought some extra clothes and took a shower at Gold's Gym Alabang (felt like a country club here), went to church at CCF and even watched the sequel to Iron Man at Alabang Town Center.

We were in Alabang for a total 12 hours starting from 5:00AM as we easily found a parking spot and walked to the starting line, where I saw my siblings already there and's main man Vince doing some last minute check ups for this race.

I got to say that this race was near perfect for me for the following reasons:

1. It started on time
2. Lots and lots of water stations
3. Accurate distance
4. Chip timer and Race analysis
5. The wonderful wonderful pictures from Photovendo
6. Awesome Alabang route as it went inside Ayala Alabang Village, passed by Ayala Alabang Country Club entrance and went to University Avenue to pass by De La Salle - Zobel (Hail! Hail!) and exited out of the village again and towards the finish line.

The only problem here for me was the hot Summer Heat, as evidenced by some of the pictures below. That and lack of training for this Running Fatboy. But it was still a memorable event.

Looking forward to RUNew 2011 !


Nat said...

how come I cannot find photos on photovendo? Only shows Men's Health and QC as options.

, said...

saw you in the race. you look very trim. congratulations. the humidity was really bad i think we lost 5 lbs in sweat :-) . regards see you soon - patrick concepcion / runningshield

Julie (ROJ) said...

16K is an interesting distance and I like how they broke it up into different loops. Congrats on the good race

The Scientist Runner said...

congrats on a good run...i was registered for the 16K too but opted to run TBR's longest LSD run instead... am mindful of you past races and will try to run some of them in the near future...cheers!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Running Fatboy said...

hey nat, copy and paste this link for your inquiry:

hi patrick, i agree on the humidity. Nice seeing you at Runnr store the other day :)

hi Julie, thanks for the greeting

hi TSR, would like to run in Nuvali too one of these days. Maybe for Father's day .... not that I am one. :)

Running Fatboy said...

hi rtf, really good :)

elepunk said...

Nice leggings. :)