Saturday, June 19, 2010

What to do: Run, Walk or Run-Walk

I haven't been running. In fact the last time I ran was last May at the Nature Valley Race and even then, I walked at the 15km marker and walked nearly the entire way till the finish line. And I hated it!

And since then, I haven't worn the running shoes to run on the pavement... nor on the treadmill. Just wore it for some 30 minute biking and that was two weeks ago. It seems so long ago. My body has forgotten running. My mind has forgotten running. Damn that plantar fasciitis!

So come tomorrow night, I have no idea what to expect. Most likely burning out at 3km. Should that happen, I will just walk to the finish line. Doubt my endurance can handle 10km distance all the way to the finish line. We will just have to wait and see...

And what do I do in my free time if I don't run, bike or go to the gym? Well, I have become a certified couch potato as I watch fit players try to kick the white ball in the net within a 90-minute time frame... and I love watching every #$%!@$% minute of it!

Best of all, they can be seen on TV now... all the way to the finals!

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Nat said...

so how was it? the run was short by 500m! I ran back home when car got stuck at Serendra!