Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Condura Skyway Marathon 2011: Year 4

Ahhh, the Skyway!

Whereas our Milo Marathons can be equated to the famous Boston Marathons, in that both races are the oldest and hardest-to-qualify races (due to the short cutoff times) in their own respective countries, I would think that Condura's Skyway Marathon can be equated to the famous New York Marathons.

There are bridges to cross, cheering people, festive after race parties, lots of giveaways and so so many runners. As Condura prepares for its Year 4, the question comes up: What would be new this year?

I have been lucky enough to join all 3 Condura races as I started at 10km (2008), ventured to 21km (2009) and did the 42km (2010). In all these events, I ran the farthest distance. Will there be a 50km new distance this year??

Sadly, it's a no (not that I could do it!) but the organizers put in a new distance, which my friend and co-blogger Janine would do - 16km!

Another plus is that the 10km, 16km, 21km and of course, the 41km, will all go on the Skyway! Now more people can get the SKYWAY EXPERIENCE!

Registrations are now ongoing at Greenbelt3 via a very quick registration procedure.

See you guys there!

I am registered for the 21km! Per will do the 3km race!

It's just runners and the SKYWAY. No Pollution + Wide Open Roads + No cars = Faster Time!

Registration Area inside Greenbelt3. Shirts are very nice and range from XS to XXL size.


janine said...

I love the dri-fit T-shirts! Now I don't have to keep wearing my red Nike Human Race and black Urbanathlon tees all the time. ;) hehe.

22loy said...

The shirts interest me because they're dri-fit and short-sleeved. Are they on sale?

Running Fatboy said...

hi janine, yes shirt is nice! see you there!

hi 22loy, they are being sold at Greenbelt 3 (outside Asics store) but think you have to buy a racekit to get the shirt. But you can try asking them.