Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Exciting Stuffs from FINISHLINE Inc. !

Finishline Inc. seems to be making a lot of plans for 2011 and giving us a preview of it.

First of all they will be having an end of the year race at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa.

Simply called ROAD X TRAIL, you have your choice of either running on December 18th, biking on December 11th or doing a Duathlon on December 19th (or for you hard core people, doing all three events!).

For the running event, it ranges from 3km to that of 16km with your choice of either running it on the road or doing the trail running. I am not yet sure how this will be done but I am thinking two different starting/ finishing areas for these races? Or just different waves from same starting line with different routes?

Personally, I have never ran in Nuvali yet and this will be an exciting experience for me. It will most likely be my year ender race for 2010. More good news was that registration forms mention FINISHER MEDAL!

Those people who do have a bike, I would recommend doing the biking or the duathlon event.

It seems the good people of Finishline Inc. aren't just focusing on running but on multi-sport events. As mentioned above, they already have running and biking in their line up. Come 2011, there are also a lot of swimming events and triathlon events.

At the registration forms, they have even plotted out all the events for 2011 so you can choose which date you want to race and prepare your training timetable to meet it. They will also include training programs for these kind of events.

Another new feature for the company is introducing the MYCHIP. Quite similar to the chip timers or D-tags that we used in various road races with one or two differences:

1. These things aren't disposable. You can use, re-use, and just keep re-using it all over again. This is also the chip timer technology used in various international road races. After your race, you can plug it in or input your serial number or password in the website and can see your time results almost immediately.

2. It is a Multi-sport Chip Timer. It is waterproof so it can be used for running (most obvious way), biking (by either strapping it on your shoes or on your bike) or even for swimming.

But just to clarify, MyChip isn't part of your race kit. It is sold separately but I am assuming at the same places where the race registrations are. Those who opt not to buy it can still join the Finishline races by getting the disposable chip timers, which are included in your race kit. The advantage of owning MyChip is the discount you would get from joining the different multi-sport races as there is no more need for you to buy the disposable chip timers.

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